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Various photos of members and IRCers from the days. The #lobby chatroom was the place to be for random chatting, even though both Xodarap and Free2Code were meant for hacking/coding types. People came and went over the years, including myself, I left for good around the second year of my HND course. I do sometimes wonder what everyone is up to these days. I'm not even sure if or even exist these days. I've never used IRC since, I do sometimes miss the sense of community. Some of the #lobby people I remember: Silver, Terminal, TsTech, Accident, Moo, Jester, Fez, Liz, Elexus, W8, Dairygirl, Gian, MavDude, SpeedyG, MisterHaan, Sliqua(Alex), Farley, bs0d, DX (Stuart Shields), Synco, Crazmatic, AgentArmstrong, Dim/Diminished, AtnNn, Ph0enix, Scooter, Tsheva, Ryan Freeland, DK_Napalm, Jdag, S0mber (in jail, lol), Chubba and The_Stapler. Apologies if I've forgotten anyone!

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up Parent Directory 11-Oct-2019 20:47 - unknown 008_8.JPG 28-Jul-2004 02:11 336k [IMG] 025_25.jpg 28-Jul-2004 02:09 492k [IMG] 1.jpg 11-Jan-2005 19:39 224k [IMG] 1264.jpg 30-Jan-2005 20:19 20k [IMG] 1298079260.jpg 06-Jul-2004 20:10 12k [IMG] 2.jpg 30-Jan-2005 20:24 204k [IMG] 25718.jpg 13-Dec-2004 01:02 32k [IMG] 332720.jpg 16-Apr-2004 06:58 20k [IMG] Accident.jpg 11-May-2004 01:51 80k [IMG] Accounting101.jpg 14-Apr-2004 17:59 56k [IMG] AtnNn.jpg 16-Sep-2004 18:20 20k unknown DSC02849.JPG 27-Apr-2004 21:01 312k unknown DSCF0002.JPG 27-Apr-2004 18:46 680k unknown DSCF0008.JPG 27-Apr-2004 18:47 728k unknown DSCF0014.JPG 27-Apr-2004 18:49 720k unknown DSCF0030 Original.JPG 07-Jun-2004 23:36 332k unknown DSCF0030speedyg.JPG 27-Apr-2004 17:49 696k [IMG] Dave 1speedyb.jpg 03-May-2004 20:16 28k [IMG] Dsc02850.jpg 27-Apr-2004 21:01 328k [IMG] Dsc02898.jpg 27-Apr-2004 21:03 356k [IMG] Dsc02911.jpg 27-Apr-2004 21:03 308k [IMG] Dsc02913.jpg 27-Apr-2004 21:03 516k [IMG] Dsc02915.jpg 27-Apr-2004 21:04 468k [IMG] Farley.File0538.jpg 24-Mar-2004 04:03 228k [IMG] Gian15thBirthday1.sized.jpg 10-Apr-2004 14:34 104k [IMG] Gian15thBirthday2.jpg 10-Apr-2004 14:34 224k unknown IM000577.JPG 27-Apr-2004 18:58 1212k unknown IMG_1729.JPG 25-Dec-2004 12:06 192k unknown Ian-IMG_0625.JPG 26-Jul-2004 23:16 164k [IMG] Image015.jpeg 27-Sep-2004 22:03 52k [IMG] Image015.jpg 20-Sep-2004 21:41 52k [IMG] Image15.bmp 31-Jan-2004 00:09 80k [IMG] Image15.jpg 22-Feb-2005 16:59 8k [IMG] Image25.bmp 31-Jan-2004 01:10 80k [IMG] Image26.bmp 31-Jan-2004 01:10 80k [IMG] Image6.bmp 31-Jan-2004 00:09 80k [IMG] Image6.jpg 22-Feb-2005 16:59 8k unknown MVC-008F(1).JPG 21-Oct-2004 21:58 48k unknown P1010001w8-birthday-brownie.JPG 31-Aug-2003 21:02 60k unknown P1010003.JPG 09-Aug-2003 19:13 60k unknown P1010014-w8 wedding reception.JPG 31-Aug-2003 16:37 60k unknown P1240001.JPG 01-Feb-2004 17:12 60k unknown PC310004.JPG 31-Dec-2005 06:41 76k unknown PC310005.JPG 31-Dec-2005 06:41 80k unknown PC310006.JPG 09-Aug-2003 19:13 60k [IMG] Picture 002.jpg 01-Oct-2004 16:49 592k [IMG] SCOTT1.jpg 15-Mar-2004 20:26 84k [IMG] SCOTT2.jpg 15-Mar-2004 20:26 344k [IMG] SpeedyG.jpg 08-Apr-2004 16:36 352k [IMG] TsDCC.im001235.jpg 29-Feb-2004 08:48 216k [IMG] TsKarrieProm.jpg 13-May-2004 05:32 112k [IMG] TsKarrieProm2.jpg 13-May-2004 05:32 36k [IMG] [LCF_XPR].BlackRoseMe.jpg 07-Jun-2004 01:45 12k [IMG] [LCF_XPR].Bored_Me.jpg 07-Jun-2004 01:46 16k [IMG] [LCF_XPR].vincint%20daniel.jpg 07-Jun-2004 01:46 36k unknown acc-PC310006.JPG 31-Dec-2005 06:41 88k [IMG] alex.jpg 01-Feb-2005 15:07 24k unknown alex_school_uh.JPG 13-Mar-2005 15:21 1460k [IMG] axident.jpg 30-Oct-2004 16:40 796k [IMG] craz_jordan.jpg 10-Jun-2004 06:18 172k [IMG] dairygirl.gif 27-Apr-2004 18:21 24k [IMG] dghunter.jpg 20-Nov-2004 23:31 8k [IMG] dimitry.jpg 08-Oct-2004 16:21 12k [IMG] dk_napalm.jpg 26-Jul-2004 22:49 16k [IMG] elexusblah.jpg 24-Feb-2004 05:36 60k [IMG] elexusjk.jpg 24-Feb-2004 05:36 52k [IMG] elexussluteye.jpg 16-Feb-2005 14:41 28k [IMG] engagement.jpg 26-Mar-2004 00:48 52k unknown f.JPG 21-Oct-2004 21:55 40k unknown fez_chocIMG_0933.JPG 13-Sep-2004 18:25 16k [IMG] fez_shem.jpg 11-Jan-2005 20:12 28k [IMG] finger.jpg 23-Mar-2004 02:59 80k [IMG] fu.jpg 24-Nov-2004 17:09 16k [IMG] gang_star.jpg 06-Feb-2004 00:44 64k [IMG] geoffery_me.jpg 15-Sep-2004 18:46 48k [IMG] gian3.jpg 26-Sep-2004 12:21 20k [IMG] gianblond1.jpg 24-Apr-2005 21:09 60k [IMG] gianguitar3.jpg 04-Dec-2004 01:07 36k [IMG] gianguitar6.jpg 24-Apr-2005 15:10 104k [IMG] haan.jpg 24-Oct-2004 14:42 80k [IMG] haan_canon_large.jpeg 05-May-2004 01:43 972k [IMG] hellwrath-meleicester.jpg 04-Jun-2007 14:35 220k [IMG] ik-mavdude.jpg 01-Apr-2004 17:58 20k [IMG] im001225.jpg 06-Feb-2004 23:01 256k [IMG] jdag.jpg 10-Jul-2004 03:47 32k [IMG] jester.jpg 01-Dec-2004 16:30 8k [IMG] lobby-current.png 14-Mar-2004 16:46 52k [IMG] lud-ava-hatoftheday3.jpg 03-Aug-2004 20:01 12k [IMG] mav1.jpg 24-Nov-2004 17:09 20k [IMG] mav2.jpg 24-Nov-2004 17:09 16k [IMG] mavannoyed.jpg 01-Dec-2004 16:03 16k [IMG] mavdude.jpg 01-Dec-2004 16:03 44k [IMG] mavdudegroup.jpg 18-Apr-2004 00:36 220k [IMG] mavdudestanding.jpg 18-Apr-2004 00:29 84k [IMG] mavsexy.jpg 01-Dec-2004 16:03 20k [IMG] mavsexy2.jpg 01-Dec-2004 16:03 20k [IMG] mavwebcam24nov2004-1809.jpg 24-Nov-2004 17:09 24k [IMG] mikeh.jpg 03-May-2005 17:58 124k [IMG] mooIMG_1533.jpg 07-Oct-2004 23:14 28k [IMG] mooIMG_1534.jpg 07-Oct-2004 23:15 24k [IMG] mooIMG_1535.jpg 07-Oct-2004 23:16 24k [IMG] onehandcat.jpg 03-Apr-2004 22:28 360k [IMG] orig00000306.jpg 21-Mar-2004 02:47 56k [IMG] orig00000545.jpg 01-Oct-2004 19:01 72k [IMG] p6240003.jpg 25-Jun-2004 10:23 88k [IMG] p6240007.jpg 25-Jun-2004 10:23 88k [IMG] ph03nix.jpg 08-Oct-2004 15:28 56k [IMG] ph03nixking_burger.jpg 02-Nov-2004 11:05 8k [IMG] ph0_retard.jpg 01-Dec-2004 16:02 8k [IMG] ryan.jpg 09-Jun-2004 23:01 60k [IMG] scooter1.jpg 08-Jul-2004 07:58 84k unknown shannan_IM_A0159.JPG 15-Feb-2004 23:43 20k [IMG] sliq_office.jpg 09-Nov-2003 00:30 128k [IMG] spaz.jpg 24-Nov-2004 17:09 16k [IMG] tearman.jpg 09-Apr-2004 22:39 164k [IMG] the_stapler_face.jpg 23-Mar-2004 15:33 260k [IMG] tstech_mason.jpg 13-Sep-2004 18:43 772k [IMG] twiztedfake.jpg 27-Apr-2004 00:41 8k [IMG] w8.jpg 20-Oct-2004 16:08 356k unknown w8P8160005.JPG 08-Oct-2004 15:23 56k

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