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Just a load of unsorted old photos, screenshots and random junk from over the years.

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[PARENTDIR] Parent Directory - [DIR] 13Dec2005/ - Cold day out in Dunham [DIR] 25Jan2005/ - Cold day out in Manchester [DIR] Amsterdam2007/ - [DIR] Axe_Cleaver/ - Axe & Cleaver pub, Dunham, Cheshire [DIR] BF2/ - [DIR] cc_screenshots/ - [DIR] Giz/ - [DIR] GTA-SanAndreas/ - [DIR] heawardsevening/ - [DIR] Jess/ - [DIR] leicester07-09-2002/ - [DIR] lobbypeople/ - The many faces of's #lobby users [DIR] Nokia6230/ - Photos from my old Nokia 6230 (2005-2011) [DIR] OutwardBound/ - A week of hell in the Lake District, 1999 [DIR] Pillowfight/ - Manchester pillowfight, Albert Square [DIR] Prometheus/ - My old Linux PC and UT/web/file server [DIR] Salepics/ - My hometown - Sale, Cheshire [DIR] smeg-site-2001/ - [DIR] UT99/ - [DIR] WoW-Cataclysm-Beta/ - [DIR] X-Plane/ - [IMG] 000001.jpg 44K Another failed business venture/project [IMG] 013_12a.jpg 139K Leicester [IMG] 023_21.jpg 149K Alternative Encounters people [IMG] 0wning.jpg 162K [IMG] 10d_dunham_clock_touched_up.jpg 125K Clock above stables at Dunham Massey, Cheshire [IMG] 24-366~Don-Vito-Posters.jpg 23K [IMG] 2600_series_rear.jpg 41K [IMG] 27042006059_edited.jpg 313K Long-haired me doing a Miriam Margolyes impression it seems [IMG] 2782006600265.jpg 68K [IMG] 2ndlieutenant.jpg 82K [IMG] 2ndlieutenant_sm.jpg 77K [IMG] 485868477_l.jpg 15K [IMG] 99_shut_002.jpg 381K RIP UT99 SAS Sniper Server :( Very salty message marking the end of their server [IMG] accfezmta.jpg 19K [IMG] adslupgrade1900-18june2005.jpg 13K That time my BT ADSL got a significant upgrade to 2Mbps [IMG] ankeborg-rpg-rules.png 56K [IMG] Another+Titan+desktop+shot.jpg 72K [IMG] axecleaverpage.jpg 166K [IMG] backgarden.JPG 96K Old house back garden [IMG] bands.jpg 244K [IMG] Basic_circular_tower_layouts-used-by-Sjin.png 111K [IMG] beetham_tower.jpg 128K [IMG] bf215torrentdl.png 6.6K [IMG] bf2wakeprawnage.bmp 1.4M [IMG] bfsv.png 40K Before WoW, I played BF2, this was my first account, I levelled another to 2nd Lieutenant [IMG] blackurbis.jpg 14K [IMG] brightlightmap.bmp 1.4M [IMG] businesscards_stackshadow.png 166K [IMG] byebyesdbots.jpg 250K Doing the right thing and taking down someone's botnet [IMG] c64bas1.jpg 9.4K [IMG] c64mim1.jpg 36K [IMG] carma2.jpg 182K [IMG] carmageddon2airport.jpg 77K [IMG] carmageddon2snow.jpg 71K [IMG] carmageddon2truckinghell.jpg 102K [IMG] carmageddon2wastedatmaxsscrapyard.jpg 79K [IMG] carmageddon2woods.jpg 75K [IMG] carmageddon2woods1.jpg 82K [IMG] cassini.jpg 29K Cassini was a nice little web server for sites and didn't need IIS [IMG] cathedral.jpg 171K [IMG] cathedral_gardens.jpg 275K [IMG] cathedral_gardens1.jpg 258K [IMG] cathedral_gardens2.jpg 239K [IMG] cathedral_gardens3.jpg 202K [IMG] ccsite.jpg 163K Testing the Counter Culture: Reloaded basket ( [IMG] che-jen-pete.jpg 94K Alternative Encounters people [IMG] chemtrails.jpg 19K Batshit chemtrails propaganda posted at Brooklands Station [IMG] chrisspooky.jpg 55K Me (Was messing with Photoshop colour levels I think) [IMG] CIS_urbis.jpg 119K CIS Tower and Urbis, Cathedral Gardens, Manchester UK [IMG] coldvodka_anachronox.jpg 162K Vodka bottle straight from the freezer. Anachronox on the PC in background [IMG] connectionwtf.png 14K That 19 days continuous ADSL uptime on Windows 2000 :) [IMG] counterculture-1405-05oct20.jpg 100K Early concept/cover art for Counter Culture assignment [IMG] cssfucked.jpg 60K [IMG] d2aa.jpg 72K [IMG] day_at_ntc.gif 2.5M [IMG] dbmenu.png 32K Nice GUI for my MS Access database assignment [IMG] doomn_1163_skin.png 2.3K [IMG] dred.jpg 109K An old friend, James, sadly missed :( [IMG] Dred_DevID_update2_1.jpg 28K [IMG] DSCN0079.JPG 302K My college; North Trafford, Talbot Rd, early pic on my Coolpix 3500 [IMG] Dscn0446.jpg 336K Printworks, Manchester - Fuck their security in particular for not allowing photography [IMG] Dscn0688.jpg 64K [IMG] Dscn0780.jpg 153K These Netgear PCMCIA cards were perfect for getting on the net on my Linux laptop [IMG] DSCN0961.jpg 634K [IMG] DSCN0984.jpg 750K [IMG] Dscn1005.jpg 81K [IMG] DSCN1051.JPG 516K My Red Dwarf VHS and book collection [IMG] DSCN1188.jpg 856K Modifying SDbot source code, 1337 hax0r days. [IMG] Dscn1193.jpg 497K Beautiful morning sky. Sale, Cheshire [IMG] DSCN1220.JPG 164K [IMG] DSCN1227.JPG 219K [IMG] DSCN1358.JPG 268K [IMG] Dscn1549.jpg 282K [IMG] DSCN1581.JPG 331K [IMG] DSCN1583.JPG 265K [IMG] DSCN1757.JPG 331K [IMG] DSCN1758.JPG 320K [IMG] DSCN1762.JPG 267K [IMG] DSCN1768.JPG 358K [IMG] DSCN1772.JPG 323K [IMG] DSCN1775.JPG 312K [IMG] DSCN1799.JPG 304K [IMG] DSCN1801.JPG 294K [IMG] DSCN1809.JPG 327K [IMG] DSCN1876.JPG 549K [IMG] DSCN2169.JPG 313K [IMG] DSCN2252.JPG 231K [IMG] DSCN2263.JPG 318K [IMG] DSCN2264.JPG 312K [IMG] DSCN2485.JPG 309K [IMG] Dscn2507.jpg 207K [IMG] Dscn2508.jpg 136K [IMG] Dscn2517.jpg 235K [IMG] Dscn2519.jpg 211K [IMG] Dscn2522.jpg 228K [IMG] DSCN2608.JPG 289K Installing SuSE on my old laptop, Titan [IMG] DSCN2644.JPG 355K [IMG] Dscn2655.jpg 236K [IMG] Dscn2685.jpg 196K [IMG] Dscn2721.jpg 387K [IMG] Dscn2722.jpg 279K [IMG] Dscn2723.jpg 371K [IMG] Dscn2726.jpg 226K [IMG] DSCN2729.JPG 322K [IMG] Dscn2738.jpg 280K [IMG] Dscn2740.jpg 210K [IMG] DSCN2744.JPG 335K [IMG] DSCN2785.JPG 322K [IMG] Dscn3107.jpg 99K [IMG] DSCN3150.JPG 310K [IMG] DSCN3213.JPG 345K [IMG] DSCN3220.JPG 357K [IMG] Dscn3273.jpg 258K Mimas dying, bad memory I think [IMG] DSCN3281.JPG 329K [IMG] Dscn3284.jpg 248K [IMG] DSCN3286.JPG 376K Mimas blue-screening and dying [IMG] DSCN3287.JPG 380K [IMG] Dscn3517.jpg 286K [IMG] Dscn3623.jpg 337K [IMG] Dscn3631.jpg 284K [IMG] DSCN3640.JPG 315K [IMG] DSCN3724.JPG 327K web Matrix web server, superceded Cassini [IMG] DSCN3924.JPG 415K Passport RFID chip and antenna [IMG] DSCN4033.JPG 195K [IMG] DSCN4034.JPG 160K [IMG] DSCN4037.JPG 230K [IMG] DSCN4071.JPG 191K IRCing for the first time wirelessly on Linux was my kind of fun [IMG] DSCN4075.JPG 159K My Draytek Vigor 2800vg ADSL router, lovely bit of kit [IMG] DSCN4360.JPG 336K [IMG] DSCN4382.JPG 330K Some books I bought for Uni, I am quite a fan of the For Dummies brand [IMG] DSCN4449.JPG 309K [IMG] eafgrungesigtest1.jpg 57K [IMG] ecm-bluegrey1.png 7.9K [IMG] ecm-bluegrey4.png 10K [IMG] f2cdonation.jpg 363K [IMG] fezlevitate.jpg 143K [IMG] firefox102.jpg 128K [IMG] firefoxwhitehart007_11dec2004_2356.png 109K [IMG] fractal_card_from_sarah.jpg 161K [IMG] gallery551.jpg 107K [IMG] gallery552.jpg 106K [IMG] gallery553.jpg 96K [IMG] gallery554.jpg 75K [IMG] growinghair.jpg 15K [IMG] gta3-13Nov2005-0830ish.bmp 2.3M [IMG] gtavcbikers.jpg 57K [IMG] gtavicecity.jpg 148K Bought GTA: Vice City from HMV on Market Street, Manchester [IMG] guitarfx.jpg 51K Cool realtime guitar effects program [IMG] hellandshell.jpg 97K Me and Shell, Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester [IMG] helldesktop.jpg 185K [IMG] helldude1.jpg 35K Graduation, I began to have a naive hope for the future for a short time after this [IMG] hellwrath_l.jpg 14K [IMG] hellwrath_p.jpg 14K The Italian metal band Hellwrath who owned before I did [IMG] hmmak4qe3.jpg 28K [IMG] IMAG0025.jpg 1.6M That time I was on TV... or my doppelganger [IMG] Image000.jpg 30K [IMG] Image001.jpg 31K [IMG] Image016.jpg 42K Election result (2005?). Simpler times. [IMG] Image017.jpg 35K I listened to music on my 6230 all through college [IMG] Image032.jpg 35K College, Room 259 HND Computing [IMG] Image033.jpg 35K College, Room 259 HND Computing [IMG] Image035.jpg 42K College, Room 259 HND Computing [IMG] Image036.jpg 35K College, Room 259 HND Computing [IMG] Image047.jpg 29K College, Room 259 HND Computing [IMG] Image051.jpg 28K [IMG] Image053.jpg 51K [IMG] Image056.jpg 35K I somehow graduated college with this terrible golf website [IMG] Image101.jpg 51K Before conspiracy theorists turned to Brexit and racism, they were into this kind of contrail shit. Brooklands, Sale [IMG] Image147.jpg 31K [IMG] Image15.jpg 73K Old photo of my switch/modem setup on top of my Packard Bell PC [IMG] image17.jpg 92K 2600 magazines and laptop years ago. H4x0R days [IMG] Image18.jpg 17K Hard at work in college, Room 259 [IMG] IMG_3848.JPG 97K Me, St. Anne's Square, not looking too impressed [IMG] IMG_3854.JPG 595K [IMG] IMG_3912.JPG 2.8M Me, Great Northern complex, Manchester [IMG] IMG_3958.JPG 3.5M Affleck's Palace, Manchester [IMG] IMG_3959.JPG 3.5M Affleck's Palace, Manchester [IMG] IMG_3964.JPG 2.8M Me, Cathedral Gardens, Manchester. Ejaculating by the looks of it. [IMG] IMG_3971.JPG 2.8M Urbis, Cathedral Gardens, Manchester [IMG] index.jpg 150K Old signpost in Dunham, Trafford/Cheshire [IMG] Ivory_tower.jpg 129K Not my image, but this really got me in the feels. Beetham Tower, Manchester [IMG] jamesFinal copy.jpg 89K [IMG] jasonholden1.jpg 316K Another college friend who died, Jason Holden aka Nucleus [IMG] jillys.jpg 30K Clearest photo I could get in Jilly's Rockworld, this was a Friday all-nighter I think. [IMG] jillysfixed.jpg 35K I attempted to re-create Jilly's Rockworld in Unreal Tournament [IMG] jillysfloorplan.jpg 133K Plans were underway to turn Jilly's into a Tesco Express or a car park, can't remember [IMG] john_leicester.jpg 101K [IMG] klite.jpg 154K How I got my mp3s and porn clips in the old days [IMG] leet.jpg 133K Preparing to race in MTA:VC. Good times! [IMG] linux_reinstall.jpg 20K Linux E-peen humour attempt [IMG] logo.jpg 112K [IMG] lol.jpg 237K Downloading some UT99 maps [IMG] maccerpiss.jpg 147K [IMG] MAN_APR-07-2003_002.jpg 129K [IMG] MAN_APR-07-2003_006.jpg 106K [IMG] MAN_APR-07-2003_007.jpg 84K [IMG] MAN_APR-07-2003_012.jpg 115K [IMG] MAN_APR_07_2003_021.jpg 69K [IMG] MAN_AUG-05-2002_001.jpg 79K [IMG] MAN_AUG-05-2002_003.jpg 64K [IMG] MAN_AUG-26-2002_008.jpg 79K [IMG] MAN_AUG_26_2002_001.jpg 53K [IMG] MAN_AUG_26_2002_003.jpg 52K [IMG] MAN_AUG_26_2002_008.jpg 79K [IMG] MAN_AUG_26_2002_012.jpg 94K [IMG] MAN_AUG_26_2002_014.jpg 82K [IMG] MAN_FEB-14-2003_002.jpg 97K [IMG] MAN_FEB-14-2003_003.jpg 69K [IMG] MAN_FEB-14-2003_004.jpg 75K [IMG] MAN_FEB-14-2003_006.jpg 96K [IMG] MAN_FEB-14-2003_008.jpg 78K [IMG] MAN_FEB-14-2003_009.jpg 73K [IMG] MAN_FEB_14_2003_004.jpg 75K [IMG] MAN_FEB_14_2003_011.jpg 68K [IMG] MAN_FEB_14_2003_022.jpg 92K [IMG] MAN_FEB_14_2003_028.jpg 97K [IMG] MAN_JUL-02-2002_004.jpg 56K [IMG] MAN_JUL_02_2002_001.jpg 50K [IMG] MAN_JUL_02_2002_004.jpg 56K [IMG] MAN_JUL_16_2002_004.jpg 70K [IMG] MAN_JUL_16_2002_008.jpg 82K [IMG] mancupiabanner.png 132K [IMG] map_cheshire_county_boundary.gif 97K [IMG] Me-2002-Oct-15-Image20.jpg 28K Me in 2002, captured with my L'espion mini camera [IMG] Me-2002-Oct-15-Image6.jpg 29K Me in Tesco, 2002, captured with my L'espion mini camera [IMG] me-evie-sez-wedding-2017-DGet6JrXoAAJqYo.jpg 121K [IMG] me-n618065369_4093654_2621.jpg 63K Me as a toddler, I was a little shit [IMG] me-Picture0032.jpg 45K Me on my laptop, about the time I stopped going out [IMG] me1996.jpg 181K [IMG] meleicester.jpg 218K Me in Leicester [IMG] mewethair.jpg 9.0K [IMG] mmu1_1.png 14K [IMG] mmuletter1.jpg 175K [IMG] mmuletter2.jpg 214K [IMG] mmuletter3.jpg 196K [IMG] monopoly_thing_cathedral_gardens.jpg 203K You get a different class of graffiti with the alternative types. Cathedral Gardens, Manchester [IMG] movealong!.PNG 124K [IMG] mta05client-ankeborg.jpg 122K MTA (Multi Theft Auto) client on Windows 2000, I loved Ankeborg's server [IMG] mta3cars.png 117K Multi Theft Auto image I made, dunno [IMG] mtarpgjailed.jpg 240K Intense RP on MTA:VC [IMG] mtavc_rpg_error_ankeborg_0117-05feb2005.jpg 143K [IMG] mycomputerdrives.jpg 68K Drives/partitions on my Windows 2000 PC (Mimas) [IMG] n1561219605_30130018_2917.jpg 24K [IMG] n682421605_106887_8633.jpg 28K [IMG] n682421605_106904_6063.jpg 28K [IMG] n682421605_106922_6837.jpg 36K Passport photos that weren't suitable [IMG] n682421605_106927_1552.jpg 46K It's called 'Art' [IMG] nisseontorque.bmp 1.7M Testing a Torque game engine client test with a random [IMG] not closing.jpg 117K They lied, Jilly's Rockworld was closing [IMG] ntcletter.jpg 218K [IMG] nukecorpstreet.jpg 61K Jason Holden aka Nucleus, Manchester [IMG] nukeh2khat.jpg 105K Jason Holden aka Nucleus, Manchester with my H2K hat [IMG] nukepressbutton.jpg 82K Jason Holden aka Nucleus, Manchester. The button, located on the side of Affleck's Palace, squirted water [IMG] officeapps.gif 15K Legitimately acquired *cough* Office apps. Necessary for doing my college and uni assignments [IMG] part_NT.jpg 4.7K Old North Trafford College (NTC) logo [IMG] passportphoto.jpg 102K [IMG] pete_and_cass.jpg 99K Alternative Encounters people [IMG] pete_bus.jpg 90K Alternative Encounters people [IMG] Photo-0070.jpg 27K Taking a snooze in a lecture [IMG] Picture0032.jpg 27K [IMG] Picture0080.jpg 34K [IMG] Picture0097.jpg 27K [IMG] Picture0120.jpg 35K [IMG] Picture0121.jpg 34K [IMG] Picture0122.jpg 34K [IMG] pillowfight-test1.avi 19M Manchester Pillow Fight, Albert Square [IMG] pillowfight-test2.avi 15M Manchester Pillow Fight, Albert Square [IMG] project_inbox1.gif 7.0K Testing the internal messaging system for my college project [IMG] qmtv1.png 443K [IMG] redtitletest.jpg 93K More messing with Photoshop, probably for Counter Culture site [IMG] relationships.jpg 133K I hated doing database design and entity relationship diagrams in college [IMG] RS50cockpit.jpg 340K I had an Aprilia RS50 once, it was unreliable and very underpowered [IMG] rtkandhellatjohndalton.jpg 55K Me and Christian at my old uni building [IMG] rtkmodem.jpg 5.1K Zoom 56k modem, a good choice and compatible with Linux [IMG] rtkturing2600andnuke.jpg 115K Christian and Jason Holden (Aka Nucleus) with Alan Turing statue, Manchester [IMG] sale-coat-of-arms.jpg 28K [IMG] scratchwasp.jpg 213K Programming in Scratch. One of the users on their site took offence to my username at the time [IMG] screen101.jpg 60K [IMG] shell_bisto_skate.jpg 94K Leicester [IMG] shellnuketuring.jpg 100K Shell & Nucleus with Alan Turing> [IMG] sixthday.jpg 199K Affleck's Palace, Manchester [IMG] SMEG_Website_first_draft.gif 26K Dredwerk's beautiful design for our website, inspired by the Matrix and Hackers [IMG] smegdesk.jpg 53K Graphic by Dredwerk for our 'hacking' group [IMG] smiley.jpg 258K Messing around in Unreal Tournament (UT99) [IMG] sonypc3ebay.jpg 176K [IMG] SPAZMONG.JPG 191K [IMG] spikestrip.jpg 227K [IMG] ste_oake_funeral.jpg 85K Stephen Oake funeral, Manchester [IMG] task5.jpg 250K College assignment [IMG] taskman.jpg 121K That 166hrs uptime on Windows 2000 [IMG] test_filmstrip.jpg 105K Dunno, playing with PS [IMG] testtitlething.png 21K Counter Culture logo/inspiration test [IMG] title.jpg 71K Counter Culture logo/inspiration test [IMG] torquegamenegine.bmp 3.8M Playing with the Torque game ening on Windows 2000 [IMG] tos1.jpg 82K [IMG] triangle.jpg 208K Triangle, but will always be the Corn Exchange to me. Exchange Square, Manchester [IMG] tutorial-view-2012-06-30.png 169K I kind of miss this old design for my tutorial site/blog [IMG] tutorial-view-2012-07-14.png 108K I've taken so long making a website, that design trends like this have actually passed [IMG] twitbgtest1.png 214K Back when you could set a background image on Twitter I made this for my profile [IMG] twitterlists.jpg 122K I was excited to get Twitter lists for some reason [IMG] unreallogo.gif 6.8K The best IRCd [IMG] Untitled-5-me-rs50.jpg 451K Grandad wanted a photo of me on my RS50. 1998/99 [IMG] ut1.jpg 135K Powning noobs on the SAS Unreal Tournament sniper server [IMG] vicecity_glitch.jpg 194K Strange bug/glitch in GTA Vice City [IMG] wallmart.jpg 96K [IMG] webserver.bmp 2.4M Setting up Apache on Prometheus I think [IMG] wikicensorship.png 13K [IMG] withy_grove.jpg 218K [IMG] wow-mountdrops.png 1.3M Two rare WoW mounts dropped for me on the same day [IMG] wow-reinstall-20-september-2011.jpg 95K WoW was a pain to re-install whenever I got bored or frustrated with it and uninstalled [IMG] wow1.png 290K [IMG] wow2.png 275K [IMG] wow3.png 259K [IMG] wow4.png 314K [IMG] wowcatbeta.jpg 34K I was a Cataclysm beta tester, good memories, but WoW changed forver after Cata [IMG] wowss1.jpg 215K [IMG] wowss11.jpg 145K [IMG] wowss11_sm.jpg 24K [IMG] wowss12.jpg 40K [IMG] wowss13.jpg 45K [IMG] wowss1_sm.jpg 29K [IMG] wowss2.jpg 158K [IMG] wowss3.jpg 95K [IMG] wowss3_sm.jpg 4.8K [IMG] wowss4.jpg 359K [IMG] wowss4_sm.jpg 11K [IMG] wowss5.jpg 238K [IMG] wowss5_sm.jpg 9.0K [IMG] wowss6.jpg 202K [IMG] wowss6_sm.jpg 35K [IMG] wowss7.jpg 124K [IMG] wowss7_sm.jpg 6.6K [IMG] wowss8.jpg 123K [IMG] wowss8_sm.jpg 4.8K [IMG] wowss9.jpg 168K [IMG] wowss9_sm.jpg 28K
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