Random Thoughts - December 26th 2022: Got an MV7!

This December I decided to buy myself a new microphone - a Shure MV7 USB/XLR dynamic podcast microphone!

Shure MV7 USB/XLR dynamic podcast microphone

It is inspired by, but not identical to the Shure SM7B, the gold standard of dynamic XLR microphones. The SM7B is ubiquitous among streamers, podcasters and YouTubers and has a very distinct, deep ‘radio’ sound. I think if my YouTubing/streaming takes off, I’ll definitely consider upgrading to an SM7B, but it does mean getting more hardware, I will need at least a XLR/USB audio interface and possibly a cloudlifter/fethead.

Shure SM7B XLR dynamic podcast microphone

But that’s in the future, for now I am happy with the MV7, out of the box it is very quiet which is to be expected of a dynamic microphone, but thanks to the ShurePlus MOTIV app and various filters in OBS I can get it sounding great. I was initially going to go for the ‘radio’ sound, but after recording multiple test recordings I’ve gone for a setting that sounds much like my Tonor Q9, but hopefully a bit nicer.

Shure MOTIV app

I think this year I will be replacing my computer and phone. I am possibly going to have a new PC built by Chillblast, I am thinking of going for either an i7 or i9 system with 32GB of RAM, massive HD/SSD space and a GeForce 3080 or 4090 card.

Chillblast PC builder

I am also on the lookout for new phones, but I think I will need to swap my SIM card for one of the new-fangled mini ones that all new phones use.

This Christmas I have been enjoying a little drink or two of vodka and Coke and playing some World of Warcraft. I’m currently levelling my main rogue and paladin through Dragonflight.

World of Warcraft Winter Veil rogue

I drunkenly decided to pay for Twitter Blue, I am hoping I can get a blue tick, I always wanted to become a moderately successful web developer/programmer with my own website, travelling to meet clients and having a verified Twitter account. Twitter Blue will have to do…

And to the person who is still trying to get into my FaceBook account - my password is 24 characters of alphanumerics and symbols, plus I have two-factor authentication, please give up.

Right, this week I am going to record episode 8 of my World of Warcraft playthrough, episode 2 of my Feed The Beast Infinity playthrough, then edit and get those videos uploaded. But in the mean time I am off to pour myself a nice cold vodka, please watch the Christmas special of my World of Warcraft playthrough!

Happy new year, everyone!