My favourite non-gaming YouTube Channels

I recently posted about my favourite gaming YouTubers and streamers, so I thought I’d do a post about some of my favourite non-gaming channels! This list is just a few of the many non-gaming channels I regularly watch. The category I list them under is the primary type of content I watch them for.

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Category: History

Lindybeige is an upper-class British public school-type YouTuber with an interest in history, especially focusing on historical warfare, weaponry, etc. I particularly enjoyed his videos on pre-decimal English coinage and his video about river crossings in medieval times.


Category: History, Fantasy

Shadiversity is an Australian medieval enthusiast, as well as a fan of fantasy fiction. Shad does videos on mainly medieval life, castles, architecture and weaponry but also covers books, films and TV in the fantasy or medieval genre. He’s currently building his own castle.


Category: Electronics

Big Clive is from Scotland, but lives on the Isle of Man. He does mainly teardown videos of electrical and electronic devices. I’ve learned a lot from watching his videos. In his day job, Clive works on special effects for TV, as well as rigging up the Edinburgh Tattoo!

Mike’s Electric Stuff

Category: Electronics

If you’ve ever wanted to watch someone tear down an airport X-ray scanner then you should definitely watch Mike. He’s a very clever guy from the UK who likes to teardown electronic devices and see how they work. His day job involves creating amazing public LED displays.


Category: Electronics

ElectroBOOM is an electronics engineer from Canada. He is primarily known for his humourous videos which mostly involve shocking himself with electricity, but he has also made some more serious videos explaining the fundamentals of electricity. He inspired me to build my first Tesla Coil!

In Deep Geek

Category: Fantasy

In Deep Geek is a British YouTuber who makes videos about fantasy series such as Lord of The Rings and Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire. I particularly enjoyed his “Traveller’s Guide to Westeros” series.


Category: Politics, Culture

Hosted by comedians Konstantin Kisin and Francis Foster, Triggernometry covers stories in the news from a “non-woke” angle and is not afraid to poke fun at modern identity politics. They also do interviews with controversial guests


Category: Electronics

Australian electronics engineer, turned full-time YouTuber, Dave Jones hosts the EEVBlog, the biggest electronics channel on YouTube. Whiteboard lectures on electronic and electrical fundamentals, teardowns, reviews and mailbags.

Daniel Greene

Category: Fantasy

Daniel Greene is an American BookTuber and covers mostly fantasy. I get most of my book recommendations from his channel.

Mike’s Book Reviews

Category: Fantasy

Mike is a BookTuber from the US, mostly featuring fantasy and Sci-Fi. I get a lot of my reading recommendations from his channel.


Category: History, Genealogy

Canadian Matt Baker produces videos on historical family trees and lines of succession, I am particularly interested in his videos covering the British Royal Family, as well as his videos on the Holy Roman Empire.

Atomic Shrimp

Category: Cooking, Foraging, Travel

Atomic Shrimp is a UK-based YouTuber who does videos on a wide-range of subjects, but I particularly enjoy his “Weird Stuff in a Can” series of videos.


Category: Lifts, Lift surfing, Trains, Urbex

Beno is a YouTuber from the UK. His main interest is lifts (elevators), but he also does videos on trains, buses and urban exploration. He has also developed several of his own games/simulators. He’s obviously a very smart guy and I enjoy his videos.


Category: Electronics

DiodeGoneWild is an electronics YouTuber from Czechia (Czech Republic). He does teardowns of various electronic devices, such as power supplies. I love how messy his work surface (floor) is, as well as his insistance on using old-school tools such as his soldering iron and Soviet oscciloscope.


Category: Cycling, Netherlands

OnetNL uploads long cycling videos from the Netherlands. I sometimes enjoy watching his videos and thinking how nice it would be to live in the Netherlands. His videos show off the beauty of many parts of the Netherlands and their superb infrastructure.

Bald and Bankrupt

Category: Travel

UK YouTuber Ben, AKA ‘Bald’ documents his travels across the former Soviet Union. I love this guy’s videos and they give a fascinating insight into life in the republics and Russia itself. He has a thing for Soviet mosaics.


Category: Motovlogging

BaronVonGrumble is a UK motovlogger with a nice collection of motorbikes. I used to be massively into motorcycling and had my own bike, but got rid of it a few years ago. I still do watch Baron’s videos though.

Derek Murphy

Category: Writing

Derek Murphy is a writer from the US. I was really interested to watch his videos on publishing, as well as book cover design. I got ideas to write my own book after watching his videos, sadly, I’ve not really got anywhere with it.


Category: Electrical, Electronics

If you’ve ever wanted to watch a transvestite craft his own vacuum tubes, you’ll probably like Glasslinger’s channel. I’m not joking, he wears a dress in all his videos. Very smart old guy, I liked his video where he made his own high voltage transformer.

Javidx9 (OneLoneCoder)

Category: Programming

Javid is a UK-based programmer and YouTuber. His C++ programming videos make me wish I tried a little harder at making my own game. He has released his own brilliant library for creating games. A very smart guy.

John Ward

Category: Electrical, Electronics

John Ward makes videos mainly about electrical systems in the UK. Very serious guy, very knowledgeable, too.


Category: Electrical, Electronics

Crazy guys from Ukraine do experiments with high voltage, X-rays and hacking free Wi-Fi. They are from the war-torn Donbass region of Ukraine, currently occupied by Russia.

Super Sus (Супер Сус)

Category: Urban Exploration

Ukrainian Susanin and his friends explore bunkers, caves, sewers and abandoned buildings. Suka Blyat!


Category: Electrical, Electronics

Uk electrical engineer Andy does various high voltage experiments and projects. The guy behind the viral washing machine video.