My YouTube and Twitch inspirations

I’ve recently been doing test livestreams of games such as modded Minecraft, World of Warcraft and Grim Dawn and I was thinking about which gaming streamers and YouTubers inspire me the most, so here’s a list of just some of those who I’ve enjoyed watching over the years.

By the way, I stream on Twitch at I also have a YouTube channel where I post all my test streams. Mic coming soon!


Main game: World of Warcraft

Guzu is a highly skilled WoW PvP and PVE player from Denmark. Originally known for playing on private servers, he now raids as a rogue, warrior and shaman on TBC Classic. He streams on Twitch and posts videos to his YouTube channel.


Main game: World of Warcraft

I love Snackybox’s WoW videos, he started off as a roleplayer, but now raids in TBC Classic on a warlock and hunter. His videos are generally short-form, but well edited with lots of memes. Top bloke from the UK.


Main game: World of Warcraft

Index is one of Snackybox’s friends, like Snacky a fellow RPer, now raids as a rogue and paladin in TBC Classic.


Main game: World of Warcraft

I recently started following Jhaman on Twitch, he does hardcore levelling in World of Warcraft and streams on Twitch. He seems like a really chill guy, and I like hanging out in his streams.


Main game: World of Warcraft

Payo is the only gamer I know from Quebec, he streams World of Warcraft exclusively and plays a rogue mostly. He’s famous for having a filthy keyboard and generally being a bit of a sperg. Seriously, watch the video. He seems to be popular with the ladies, though.


Main game: The Elder Scrolls

Mason AKA TheCantina covers a variety of games, but I mostly know him for his Elder Scrolls videos and streams on YouTube and Twitch.


Main game: Modded Minecraft

The Hermitcraft big man himself. The amount of Minecraft modpacks Hypno has played is awesome and I’ve watched almost all of them. His knowledge of modded is massive.


Main game: Modded Minecraft

Another Hermitcraft modded Minecrafter, DMAC really inspired me to play FTB Infinity after seeing his awesome playthrough.


Main game: Modded Minecraft

The creator of Hermitcraft! I’ve been following GenerikB for so long, he’s a master of modded Minecraft and was one of the inspirations to get into modded in the first place.


Main game: Grim Dawn

RektByProtoss is a Grim Dawn master from Germany, I watch all his build videos and he’s inspired me to try to level every class to level 100. He posts to YouTube and streams on Twitch.


Main game: Modded Minecraft

Krakaen is a modded Minecraft god, I first discovered him through his Project Ozone 2 playthrough.


Main game: Variety

Robbaz is a Swedish YouTuber and streamer, I loved his Fallout videos, but he now plays a variety of games on Twitch.


Main game: The Elder Scrolls

Toby, AKA Dave is a UK-based YouTuber. I mainly follow him for his long Elder Scrolls playthroughs, in particular Morrowind and Oblivion.

Honourable mentions

Arcade Life, Archvaldor, ArmouredOtter, MadSeasonShow, Hirumaredx, SeriousCreeper, Etho, VoicesFromTheDark, JoshStrifeHayes, Duncan, Sjin, Lewis & Simon, Rhykker, Wudijo, Bajheera, WilX, NonSanity, ManyATrueNerd, Sips, Swifty, MetaGoblin, Veriax, Iskall, GixG17, WoWHobbs, Nixxiom, WoWCrendor, ToloDK, CamelWorks, Wilburgur