Random Thoughts - June 4th 2022: Tumblr & Diablo Immortal!

Hello! It’s a beautiful sunny, warm evening here in Sale on this special Jubilee weekend. Not really into all the royal stuff, espcially not a fan of Harry and Meghan the two wokies, but weekends like this really make being British something special.

I have decided to start a new blog on Tumblr where I will post all sorts of guff. Posting on here is a bit of a faff, to be honest - having to write blog posts as text files in Markdown, then build the site and then upload it to the site… Tumblr is just so much more convenient, especially when it comes to embedding media. But with that said, I don’t intend to abandon this site and will still blog here.

ChrisElison Tumblr

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On Thursday I decided to download (and stream for 4 hours!) Diablo Immortal for PC (available on the Battle.net launcher), I am pleasantly surprised at how nice it is to play, it’s very similar to Diablo 3, but stripped down in some ways and with lots of mobile-esque guff bolted-on like currencies, multiple click-to-claim buttons etc.

I’m nearly level 40 on my barbarian and so far haven’t spent a penny on microtransactions (and don’t intend to). I’ve reached a point where I have to grind rifts/bounties to progress the story.

Apart from Diablo Immortal, I’ve been playing lots of Grim Dawn, of course, been levelling a bleed warder, a pet cabalist and a fire aura paladin. As always, catch me streaming at twitch.tv/ChrisElison! I post all my streams on my YouTube channel.

I’m off for a lolly and to play some more Diablo Immortal - level 40 tonight! Follow me on Tumblr!