WoW nostalgia strikes again

Bit melancholy this morning, been thinking about the good old days back on Nagrand (EU) during Wrath of the Lich King. I remember the Alliance would sometimes arrange huge raids and we’d go and invade each Horde city and kill their leaders for the ‘For The Alliance’ achievement , we’d usually succeed and it was fun, you’d see familiar names, you’d meet new people along the way, it was fun. I also remember the kind people who helped me like Zaryade and Hammond and the funny little gnome, Chooky.

But now in MoP, the problem seems that there is just too much to do and so we miss out on such community activities, or maybe it’s just Draenor, my realm, we (the Alliance) are heavily outnumbered by the Horde so it’s no surprise that there aren’t many ‘For The Alliance’ raids any more.

My subscription is currently lapsed, and I’m in the familiar period between my game time expiring and renewing. I was thinking of levelling Horde characters on Doomhammer, I have no space left on Draenor for any toons, I have noticed Doomhammer users in the Draenor cross-realm zones, so it’s possible I’ll see familiar names.

I do miss the old times though, ‘Heroes of God’, a guild my original human rogue was in on Nagrand where nobody ever spoke and then I moved into the ‘Knights of England’, the best bunch of guys I have ever met on WoW, sadly the guild did drift apart at the end of Wrath of the Lich King and I quit playing on Nagrand during Cataclysm. My time in ‘Psychos’ on Draenor has also been great, people have come and gone just like in previous guilds, but now it seems people just want to do their dailies, get valor/justice capped and then log off, it’s sad really.

I hope I will re-sub soon, I am quite sure I’ll still be able to find nice people to play with and have fun in Azeroth.