Still some nice WoW players out there!

I had one of those moments again in WoW early this morning. I hadn’t played in nearly a week and I was resigned to letting my subscription lapse on the 17th and then probably not playing again for a few months (I usually stop playing for a while around this time of year), but I may have had a change of heart after what happened…

So, this morning I decide to log on my paladin after seeing some guy’s armoury page and being inspired to do something, I was in the Shrine of Seven Stars and a level 70 rogue is asking in trade if anyone would be willing to run them through Karazhan, as it turns out I was intending to do just that, in fact one of my favourite things to do late at night is to clear up to the chess event on my paladin, warrior or rogue whilst listening to a Ricky Gervais XFM show (I do at least the first boss, Attumen the Horseman on all my level 85+ toons every Wednesday).

Anyway, we’re at Karazhan and clearing through everything, until we get to the chess event, this is something I’m not too familiar with and have only ever done it in a larger raid group, this time it was just me and the rogue, I was clueless, although I knew we had to heal our king and move him when Medivh cheated, that was the plan, although of course we failed pretty miserably. And then the rogue went offline.

Me being me, I assumed the worst; the rogue had realised what such a scrublord I was and didn’t even bother to say bye or thank me, they just quit the game and went to bed or logged on an alt. I felt discarded, somewhat used and redundant. I glumly made my way back down to the Grand Ballroom to kill the Maiden of Virtue who we had previously skipped.

But then the rogue logged back on!

It turned out their computer had automatically restarted, they didn’t leave in a rage at all, in fact they turned out to be really nice, after Karazhan we ported out and went to Tempest Keep in Netherstorm where we downed Al’ar, the Void Reaver and finally High Astromancer Solarian. It wasn’t easy, even on a freshly-dinged level 90 paladin with green gear, especially as I mainly play a rogue, but whatever, it was fun and a change from what would otherwise be a night of doing dailies or just clearing a dungeon on my own. It’s great really that after so long of playing I can still make new friends, even on a realm I’ve been playing so long on, and it reassures me that there are still lots of good people out there in Azeroth, and that’s the one thing that keeps me coming back, it’s not about having the best gear or the most gold or hardcore raiding or mindless PvPing; it’s about having fun!