Soloing Hogger on a level 9 warrior

I once read that the vast majority of WoW players who leave and never return quit before level 10 and this stuck in my mind when I was levelling a human warrior the other night. I was level 9 and had the quest to apprehend Hogger, no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t do enough damage (I was of course without heirlooms and had been doing the previous quests, so had several greens equipped), most of my attacks missed and because of this I was starved of rage and unable to outrun Hogger to try and get another charge off.

After several fails, I moved onto Westfall, did the first few quests there and was soon level 10; lovely, decided to spec as protection and got some new abilities, including the fantastic ‘Shield Slam’ ability, which I am liking a lot (grants 20 rage!), so no more rage troubles meaning going back to Hogger was a doddle.

So, yes I probably am just a noob (although been playing on and off for 3 or more years), but I’m wondering how many others out there can complete this at specifically level 9 with no heirlooms, it’s worrying to think that new players may choose to play a warrior, attempt this encounter and simply quit because of its seeming impossibility to complete at level 9 which would be a damn shame.

Just watching the video of Hobbs on his undead rogue with Swifty and Athene in Scarlet Monastery, really makes me want to level a Horde rogue again, like to max level, but my record with keeping my Horde characters isn’t great.

No re-sub just yet, but with 5.1 and 5.2 out, now is a pretty good time to go back, also been watching a lot of Swifty’s BG and duelling videos which has me pumped for doing some PvP, as well as watching Hobbs’ awesome power levelling, grinding and instance videos.