Questing with Deathric in Elwynn Forest

Had a nice experience on World of Warcraft this evening, grouped up with a very friendly level 60 Gnome Death Knight called Deathric from Emerald Dream, we did a few quests together, which was fun, the fact they had some bizarre gear, including white-quality mail vendor armour and was wielding ‘Bullova’ (a level 35 white-quality axe) didn’t matter at all, we had some short-lived fun, which is what WoW is all about, to me at least.

Been having a lot of fun on my WoW starter account, levelling a prot paladin and a rogue to level 20. Doing the low level dungeons is such fun, I wish WoW had a method of slowing XP automatically every 10 or so levels so you can fully appreciate each dungeon and upgrade your gear relevant to your level, but the reality is levelling in WoW is incredibly fast, weapons and armour have a very short usage life before being replaced and vendored or disenchanted on the inevitable race to level 90.

I’m considering creating a Twitter account just about gaming and WoW, it’s also good to see both Sips and Sjin from the Yogscast levelling in Pandaria according to their Twitter feeds!

Friday tomorrow, perhaps I should re-subscribe then, would like to get this month’s Brewfest brew too for the Brew of the Year achievement.