Warcraft encounter: Rescuing Sophiarose

Last night I was levelling a human rogue character (yes, another!) in Duskwood (one of my favourite zones), doing the quest ‘Ghoulish Effigy’ for the embalmer, Abercrombie. I had to retrieve a number of ghoul ribs from undead around Manor Mistmantle which involved waiting around for several minutes for the required mobs to spawn.

While finishing up my last kill, I noticed a human female rogue called Sophiarose running toward me, then headed awkwardly straight for the vertical cliffs which border the manor. I clicked on the rogue and was astonished to see they were only level 8! Duskwood is a zone for players above level 20 or so, so I began to wonder if this poor misfortunate player had accidentally found themelves in a zone way over their level.

Meeting Sophiarose in WoW.

My friendly and helpful instincts to help this person kicked in. I myself was a huge noob when I started playing WoW, I remember vividly trying to get to Booty Bay at level 10 or so, this involved sneaking stealthily through Duskwood, following the river which borders Westfall south. I died just about into Northern Stranglethorn, my stealth was of no use and I found myself struggling to get back to civilsation.

I quickly mounted up and asked the rogue if they needed help, they responded only with emotes, I determined they needed help getting back and were almost certainly a new player. So, I did the right thing and slowly walked with them north on the road out of Darkshire and helped them to cross the river into Elwynn Forest. After killing a couple of Murlocs, a bear and a wolf we eventually hit the main road which runs East-West across Elwynn. The rogue seemed very thankful and relieved to be back in friendlier territory and I felt a great sense of pride and gratitude that I was able to help this person in this beautiful, huge game called World of Warcraft.

Saying goodbye to Sophiarose.

With a /salute and a wave we parted ways. I headed back East towards Three Corners in Redridge with a lump in my throat. What a pleasure it is to still be able to play World of Warcraft coming up to my ninth year in the game. It’s still the little things like this that keep me coming back.