Back in WoW - loving Legion!

I have a confession to make, I’ve re-subscribed to World of Warcraft (again).

My first priority was levelling my main character, my Combat (or should I say ‘Outlaw’) Rogue. I started in Aszuna and progressed quickly through the questing, gaining order hall resources, artifact power and plenty of gear upgrades. Legion’s first major diversion from previous expansions is the artifact weapon. Each class specialization gets a unique, lore-heavy weapon from pretty much the moment they start the expansion. As the player levels, the weapon grows in power, unlocking special abilities and increasing further in power even at end game with artifact power granted from world quests class hall missions and dungeons.

I don’t know what it is, but in this expansion my characters feel… strong, particularly my paladin. Either I’ve become a better player or Legion is just more casual friendly. Even though my three level 110s are only modestly geared so far, I feel like I’m really progressing and making an impact on Azeroth even at my slow, solo pace. Big thumbs up to Blizzard on introducing level scaling, at first I was unsure, but now am convinced this was a huge improvement to the end game and added much needed variety to levelling.

On my birthday was one of my favourite and memorable days in WoW, first I logged into WoW having spent the previous night camping the Thondoril River in Eastern Plaguelands for the Large Vile Slime as part of the Retribution Paladin hidden artifact appearance quest line. As soon as I entered the game the mob was there! Instead of killing the slime immediately, I created a group, simply called ‘Large Vile Slime’ and waited. A Russian player with a Cyrillic name joined and we proceeded to kill the slime and loot the phylactery. All what was left was to fish up a crystal and head to Acherus. I now have the amazing ‘Corrupted Ashbringer’ appearance on my paladin.

In recent weeks, the WoW itch has slowly begun to wear off. The daily questing while fun, still does inevitably become routine, and I don’t want it to become a burden again. So, my new outlook for WoW is if I want to drift away from the game for a couple of weeks or a month or so, that’s fine, I know I will return again in the very near future and Battle for Azeroth is coming later this year. But in conclusion, my return to WoW for Legion has been good fun, rewarding (lots of epics and a couple of legendaries!), but lonely with none of my guildmates to play with. The occasional interactions with players out in the world, both Horde and Alliance really made me enjoy this expansion and why WoW still is my all-time favourite game.