A short trip to Manchester - 5th Aug 2002

A very short trip into Manchester. These are among the very first photos I took in Central Manchester and were originally meant to be shown on my old websites hellwrath.ubersource.net and hellwrath.co.uk.

Oxford St/St Peters Square, Manchester

Looking south-east down Oxford Street from St Peters Square, Manchester. The maths tower of Manchester University can be seen in the far distance. Just imagining a tower dedicated to maths makes me fucking ill. The tower was demolished in 2005.

Manchester Technology Centre, Oxford Road, Manchester

Manchester Technology Centre, Oxford Road, Manchester. I've never been in there, seems like something that would interest me. This building is opposite the John Dalton building of Manchester Metropolitan University where I would attend a few years later.

Piccadilly Plaza, Manchester

Ugly shot of the Piccadilly Hotel and Sunley building taken from Portland Street, Manchester. A huge image for the 2002 Commonwealth Games adorns the side of the Sunley Tower.

Cornbrook Metrolink station

Cornbrook Metrolink station. This area forms the boundary between the Metropolitan Borough of Trafford, the City of Manchester and the City of Salford. I believe the station is in Trafford. Anyway, change here for trams to Eccles, or in my case stay on until Sale.