A short trip to Manchester - 2nd Jul 2002

A very short trip into Manchester. This was the day I first heard of Alternative Encounters after seeing their URL chalked on the back of Manchester Cathedral. I would later meet up with them. These are among the very first photos I took in Central Manchester and were originally meant to be shown on my old websites hellwrath.ubersource.net and hellwrath.co.uk.

Alternative Encounters URL, Manchester Cathedral

It's hard to see, but the URL 'www.alternative-encounters.tk' is chalked on the back wall of Manchester Cathedral. Alternative Encounters was a Manchester-based alternative web community. I remember rushing to take this shot so I could look it up on the Internet back home. Cathedral St, Manchester.

Urbis and Printworks, Manchester

Urbis and Printworks, Exchange Square, Manchester.

Exchange square, Manchester

Exchange square, Manchester. The 'Triangle', formerly the Corn Exchange is visible in the background.

Alan Turing memorial, Sackville Gardens, Manchester

Alan Turing memorial, Sackville Gardens, Manchester.