Getting the hats mod back working in FTB Infinity Evolved

I had to reinstall my modpacks using the FTB/curseforge app and found that hats were not spawning on mobs in my favourite modpack, FTB Infinity Evolved.

After a bit of digging I read that the URL iChun uses to download hat data is no longer valid and causes no hats to appear in FTB Infinity Evolved. I tried downloading one zip file containing the hat tbl files, but this archive didn’t include the .tc2 files!

Luckily I saved my old hats folder from the previous installation of the modpack on the old FTB laucher.

Download ftb-infinity-hats.rar (716Kb)

Simply extract the ‘hats’ directory to your root FTB Infinity directory, for example ‘C:\Users\Chris\AppData\Local.ftba\instances\51bd2514-f1ad-4888-80a0-736d17693e79’ is where my FTB Infinity is installed.

Start the game and you should then see mobs wearing hats if you’ve done it correctly!

I’m off to start a new modded playthrough, catch me live on Twitch some time!