Project Ozone One Million Diamonds Challenge Pt. 2

It’s been quite a while since my last update, but I have still been busy working on my goal of getting one million diamonds in Project Ozone, here’s an update on what I’ve been up to!

Zivicio armour!

I was very anxious to get to Zivicio armour as soon as possible, this armour provides 96% damage reduction as well as creative flight and no fall damage. My Minicio essence farm was essential to getting this armour so soon in my playthrough.

A view of the skyblock

The ever-expanding skyblock from above - the Zivicio armour means I can freely fly around like in creative mode.

The nether mob tower

I decided to create a second mob spawner tower in the nether in the hope of getting wither skulls. I soon after found a nearby fortress which provided me with blaze rods and further wither skulls.

The skyblock from above

New modules are added to the skyblock to accommodate the new Agricraft crops. I added plots for spider seeds, cow seeds, skeleton seeds, lumium, gold, lapis, soularium, enderium and several others. Crops take up a lot of room and all those cropsticks can make the game lag! I would later start moving my farms to another dimension.

10/10/10 Minicio

It was a grindy and annoying process, but I got my Minicio seeds to 10/10/10. This means I can get the next teir of essences much faster.

Another view of the skyblock

Another shot of the skyblock, as you can see it’s nearly all taken up by crops.

Finding the village

I knew in advance if I wanted to make the Aristotle stone I’d need to start breeding villagers, but first I had to fly around for an hour and eventually found a village in the void. I used a golden lasso to bring the villagers back to base.

The villager breeder

With just two villagers surrounded by a wall with lots of doors I was then able to reproduce lots of other villagers. Eighteen villager souls are required to create the Vibrantium for the Aristotle stone.

And my crossbow!

I wanted to take on both the ender dragon and the wither, so I decided to make a completely OP crossbow using magical wood then replaced the parts with lumium. This thing one-shots any normal mob and gives lots of loot.

Clay for days

I made this setup to create clay from dust and water, I only made a few stacks and didn’t use this much. It’s useful for making grout for Tinker’s smelteries, though.

7 days played

Checking my time played. Seven days played and only one death to John Cena.

XP berry bushes

In addition to my mob farm, I also have an XP berry farm to give me extra experience, useful for making magical wood or enchanting.


My resource setup was in dire need of an upgrade, so I built this monstrosity - I call it MORPS: Modular Ore Refining and Processing System. This automatically produces and sieves gravel, sand and dust and smelts any ores. The gems and smelted bars go into my ME system.

10/10/10 Diamond seeeds!

If I wanted to get a million diamonds, then setting up a diamond farm would be needed. I grinded away and got diamond seeds to 10/10/10.

Wither time!

With my new cleaver and crossbow I was confident enough to try and take on my first wither. I killed it with no problems, but this fight would get harder every time thanks to the HardcoreWither mod.

Another shot of the base

More base expansion, I decided to merge together sections of the skyblock to make way for future projects.

One-shot ender dragon!

Killed the ender dragon in one shot using my Kili crossbow. I made sure to grab its heart and then mined the end for as much Draconium as I could get.

Antlion Overlord

Before I could get to the mining dimension I had to find and kill the Antlion Overlord in the Erebus. I’m not a fan of this place and it took ages just to get to the boss.

The portal nexus

With the Antlion Overlord dead I could then build the portal to the mining dimension. I was hoping to quarry the dimension for resources, especially Draconium, although once I got Draconium seeds I had no need for a quarry.

Second wither

Now I had access to the mining dimension I had somewhere to safe to kill withers. The Hardcore Wither mod makes withers much tougher every time you kill them.

OP cleaver!

I maxed out my cleaver with quartz, giving it an attack damage of 57.

Vibrantium block!

Finally I made a block of vibrantium required for the Aristotle stone. This was an absolute pain to make, requiring villager souls, lots of time and lots of RF. I made the energy condenser soon after.

Draconic energy core!

No more power worries, this Draconic energy core (tier 2) can store 273 million RF!

Upgrading my lava power

Working on my lava power generation. This was my primary method of producing RF, but it just couldn’t handle running the auto-sifting system 24/7. I would soon branch out into wind, solar and nuclear.

ME system upgrade!

With the energy condenser, I decided to just go supersize and make a 7x7x7 ME controller core, I then added some drive bays.

ME system upgrade!

My new ME core with drive bays and deep storage units. Plenty of storage and lots of room for expansion!


Expanding the MORPS system to produce even more resources. All these pulverizers, compacters and furnaces use a lot of RF, lucky I now have a huge ball of power at my disposal.

Wind power!

With my current power system struggling, I decided to create a Mekanism wind farm to supplement my power generation. After this I had no problems powering the MORPS constantly.

Cheaty EMC loop machine!

I discovered that I could generate unlimited amounts of Temperio essence from just one piece of essence. I had a transfer node pulling out Temperio into a redstone furnace, this essence would then be smelted into demon steel and then would go into the condenser to be turned back into Temperio. Cheaty cheaty!

All the Temperio!

Not long after, I had a condenser filled with Temperio, each stack is worth a good chunk of EMC and can be used to make diamonds or whatever I need. I have to reiterate - all this started from just one Temperio essence!!!

Diamonds to you!

I just had to exploit the EMC trick to fill a Draconic chest with blocks of diamonds, 134,784 diamonds worth to be exact.

Wand of animation!

I thought the game was broken once I’d gotten the energy condenser. Then I crafted the wand of animation…

Animated Draconium!

I can now spawn in even un-EMCable blocks such as Draconium and Awakened Draconium. Draconic armour and staff of power here I come!

Wyvern armour!

I made a set of Wyvern armour and Wyvern tools. This was a pain, as I had to craft a whole new set of Zivicio armour as mine was damaged. I didn’t know you could repair it with essence!

Draconic armour!

One of my big goals of this playthrough was to craft Draconic armour and the staff of power. Well now I’ve done it, I feel I can now take on the chaos guardian!

Nuclear reactor!

Another goal of this playthrough is to make a huge nuclear reactor and use it to power an RFtools dimension and/or a laser drill. I think I’ve bit off more than I can chew here :/

One million diamonds!

WE DID IT! One MILLION diamonds! And I didn’t even make an RFtools dimension.

Well, that’s it, I did it - 1 million diamonds, but I don’t think I’ll leave my world there. I have a lot more things to do before I move onto a newer modpack, I think. Until next time!