Project Ozone 2020 Challenge - One Million Diamonds! Pt. 1

Happy new year everyone! As it is now 2020, I have decided to do a fresh modded Minecraft playthrough using the Project Ozone 2 modpack, this year I’m setting myself an ambitious goal - acquiring one million diamonds using any means necessary (apart from creative mode and spawning in items, obviously)!

In this post I go over my first few days in the modpack. I don’t know if I’ll stick to the goal, but I’m giving myself the whole of 2020 to do it. The closest I got previously was around 5000 diamonds in the Agrarian Skies modpack, but in Project Ozone I will be helped thanks to RF Tools, Magic Crops and Project E.

Surviving the first night on the skyblock!

The first night! It all starts on a new ‘Skylands’ world, floating islands of dirt with no stone or ores. I made myself a small square island jutting off from the spawn island, luckily I was far away enough from any spawning baddies.

Vanilla cobble generator

I worked quickly to set up a basic vanilla cobble generator using lava from a crucible. I was anxious to build my trademark mob-spawning tower as soon as possible and start getting loot bags! Once I got enough resources, I crafted a transfer node and a world interaction upgrade to automate putting cobble into a cache.

The Skyblock

Looking good! Notice the iron furnace, sieve and crucible. At this point I had crafted some basic flint Tinker’s Construct tools, including an axe, a mattock and a spade. I used the barrels of water to produce clay using dust.

The smeltery is born!

Once I hammered enough dust and produced enough clay I was ready to make a basic smeltery! This multiblock structure requires a lot of sand, clay and gravel to craft, but once made it is ideal for doubling our ore smelting output! I kept the tank filled with lava from the crucible which I kept topped-up with cobblestone constantly.

Building the mob spawner tower

With stacks of cobblestone I could now build the mob spawner tower. This is the same design I have used in FTB Unleashed, Agrarian Skies, Crash Landing, FTB Infinity and Sky Factory. Inside are four platforms bordered by hatches that drop onto conveyor belts. The drop is exactly 20 blocks and most mobs survive with just one heart and can be killed easily, this provides both XP and items.

The skyblock continues to grow

I added a grassy module to my skyblock in the hopes of spawning passive mobs. Thanks to my artifact armour I can now sneak in mid-air and I also have some extra hearts. Apologies for the stink lines, it’s an effect from my armour!

The skyblock continues to grow

My mob spawning tower really works well! Here you can see some creepers ready to be killed. One of the creepers known as ‘John Cena’ exploded with a lot of damage, killing me. Luckily I’m not playing in a hardcore world.

Easy obsidian

Easy obsidian production! In my newly-built lower floor I have crucibles being filled with cobblestone, this lava produced then goes into a stone barrel with a water source on top, bingo - easy obsidian and no mining required!

First ghast tear!

My first ghast tear from the auto-sieve!

The skyblock continues to grow

The skyblock continues to grow. New areas are built for growing crops.


Holy moly, a manyullyn liquid cow spawned! I milked the cow on cooldown and soon had a couple of stacks of manyullyn! I could now easily upgrade my Tinker’s tools and mine anything I wanted from the nether!

Diamond seeds!

With a small Minicio farm setup and plenty from the mob spawner tower, I was able to quickly craft my infusion stones and create diamond seeds! I also created coal, redstone, enderman and glowstone seeds. Further expansion of the base was now needed!

Lava production on steroids!

Upgrading my lava production! Twenty crucibles being fed cobblestone from two transfer nodes. I’m currently using flaming netherrack to heat the crucibles, but hope to upgrade to blocks of yellorium. Why do I need so much lava? Simple - power generation!

Working on my ore production system

Working on my auto-pulverizing and sifting system. I think I could do this a lot nicer with Ender IO conduits, I will learn how!

Two new smelteries

I added two new smelteries! These will automatically smelt my sifted ores into blocks.

A bird's-eye view of the skyblock

A bird’s-eye view of the skyblock, the two new smelteries can be seen, as well as my diamond seed farm.

Flying the flag!

The Union Flag flies proudly above the skyblock! I did this myself using the space race mod GUI. This flag was a pain to make, but will hopefully fly on the moon and Mars!

Ingots for days!

A peek inside my smeltery output chest, lots of ingots!

Expansion of the skyblock

More expansion of the skyblock!


Lasers! In Project Ozone you require chipsets to craft Applied Energistics processors. These lasers take a lot of power and caused a brown-out! I added a drum to the lava production to create a backlog of lava in case of any further situations.

The rats nest

A look at the ‘rats nest’. In the foreground is an ME controller which will form the core of my storage system!

The ME system

Added a crafting terminal and disk drive to my basic ME system.

The skyblock at night

Another day ends on the skyblock! Still a lot of work to be done, but for now a rest I think…

Thanks for reading! I’ve been having tons of fun playing Project Ozone 2 and I really would love to try and complete my goal of 1 million diamonds before the year is out! Be sure to check back soon for updates on my little Minecraft project! Farewell for now!