Grim Dawn - Hardcore Veteran Druid Playthrough

Here’s my very first YouTube gaming let’s play/playthrough, complete with commentary! In this series I level up a hardcore (one life) Druid in Grim Dawn on Veteran difficulty all the way through acts 1 to 7. I was still getting to grips with my sound/OBS settings, so the audio is a little quiet in part one, it gets better in the next part though!

Part One: Down the Slith hole!

In this first episode I create my character and start on my hardcore one life journey in Cairn! I do some jobs for the residents of Devil’s Crossing, kill a lot of slith and loot my first two-handed lightning weapon. We end the episode by killing Viloth the Corruptor and cleansing the town’s water supply.

Part Two: Warden Krieg

I get ready to face off with Warden Krieg and complete act one without dying. I complete quests in and around Burrwitch Outskirts then head down to face Kreig in the underground prison. I loot an awesome weapon for my build!

Part Three: Cronley’s Cronies

I head into act two and kill Cronley’s gang members. I forget to put on my buffs for the first half of the video - silly me! Anyway, I kill Cronley then head into the Arkovian Undercity.

Part Four: Homestead Bound

I slowly make my way from the Broken Hills to Homestead via the Mountain Deeps and the Pine Barrens.

Part Five: The Hive & The Blood Grove

Having made our way to Homestead, I then destroy the dermapteran infestation, kill the aetherial amalgamation then head to the Blood Grove to kill cultists.

Part Six: The Road to Fort Ikon

I head north through Darkvale on the road to Fort Ikon. I kill Zaria the Carver and Karroz. I eventually reach Fort Ikon and kill Commander Lucius for the Black Legion.

Part Seven: Defender of Cairn

I head to the Necropolis and ready myself to finally kill Loghorrean and complete the base game!

Part Eight: I got the weapon!!!

After finishing act four, I head onto act 7 and begin doing quests for Bysmiel. I finally get the perfect weapon I was looking for - the Korvan Storm Halberd!

Part Nine: The Forgotten God

I complete act 7 by killing Kymon and Korvaak.

Part Ten: Ugdenbog

I start act 5 of the Ashes of Malmouth expansion. I do quests for the coven and the people of Barrowholm.

Part Eleven: This is the end?

I head onto act six set in the ruined city of Malmouth. I secure a base for the Malmouth Resistance and kill Theodin Marcell.

And that’s it for this playthrough. Overall, I’m really pleased with how it went and turned out, this was good practice for me in terms of capturing video, but also speaking on camera and playing at the same time. This was also my first series of videos edited in Da Vinci Resolve, which is a really good and FREE video editing package, do check it out.

I’m wondering what I want to do next for a series on my YouTube channel, I want to do more Grim Dawn, but I also want to play more Minecraft as well as playing Skyrim, Oblivion, Morrowind and Fallout 4. I think next time I’ll record videos in advance, it did get quite stressful having to remember to record on a Wednesday or Thursday and have the video out that Friday.

Anyway, thanks for watching!