Making it big on YouTube! 100 Subscribers!

I recently hit 100 subscribers on my YouTube channel! To mark this milestone, I edited together a quick thank you video of me in World of Warcraft chatting about my channel and my plans for the future, give it a watch! I need to find some tools so I can make World of Warcraft machinima and thumbnails.

Shortly after that I was amazed to find out I had unlocked community posts on my channel! This used to be reserved only for channels with 1000+ subscribers, but now seems to be rolling out to smaller channels too. I promise not to spam my subscribers with community posts.

YouTube community posts

If that wasn’t enough good news, my Virgin internet has been upgraded! I now get about 130Mb down and 20Mb up, the increase in upload speed was what I was most pleased with, meaning I can stream at higher bitrates to YouTube, as well as uploading videos faster of course.

Upgraded internet speed test

I also recently secured my new channel handle on YouTube. My channel can now be reached at, you can also tag me by using the handle @ChrisElison.

YouTube handle

I’ve started a new playthrough on my channel - levelling through every World of Warcraft zone and expansion on a paladin! I intend for this to be a long-term series and will most likely dip in and out over the months or years. I was inspired to do this after watching OmarioRpgGaming and Robert Rambles play WoW.

Finally, I treated myself to some decent headphones. My reasoning was, I rarely buy myself anything expensive and I use headphones EVERY day, so I may as well get a good expensive pair that won’t wear out after 9 months of use.

Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Headphones