Random Thoughts - November 18th 2022: BIG UPDATE!

I recently edited my first properly put-together Minecraft video! Episode 29 of my Project Ozone 2 playthrough - I added an intro with music from Kevin Mcleod used throughout. I’m really quite proud of it, my editing skills in DaVinci Resolve are getting better.

Elon Musk, the world’s richest man-baby is now the new owner of Twitter. I’ve always wanted to one day have a blue tick on Twitter and it appears I might finally get one, that is if I pay $8 a month. My Twitter account just turned 14 years old recently.

My Twitter feed has been full of people angrily announcing they’re departing the site for Mastodon, including Stephen Fry, a Twitter OG who has now deleted his profile. I have set up an account over on Mastodon, but I’m probably not going to use it. The people on Mastodon, are shall we say, a bit weird. Plus it’s heavily censored and run by Germans.

I’ve been playing a lot of Grim Dawn season 4 recently, levelling multiple characters. I’m a bit disappointed in the new areas, and the bosses are way too hard even in normal difficulty. Still, I admire the work that was put into it by everyone involved. I’m looking forward to getting back to normal and just levelling my regular, non-seasonal characters.

I recently did a security audit of my accounts, I hadn’t checked my GMail in a while and I was worried to see I had some failed login attempts to my Facebook account. I’ve changed my FB password to an even longer, randomly generated password, I also made sure 2FA was on, which it is. Whoever the cunt is isn’t getting in, that’s for sure. I’m going to check my mail regularly from now on, I have a bad habit of letting my inbox get full of unread mail and hiding away from it.

My Virgin internet has recently been upgraded for free. I now have about 130Mbps down and 20Meg upload. I was really happy as I can now stream at a larger bitrate and upload videos faster.

I have recently started test streaming on YouTube rather than Twitch and so far really impressed with it, Twitch has a maximum bitrate of 6000Kbps, while YouTube has a huge 51,000Kbps allowing for much higher video quality. I’m considering switching streaming entirely from Twitch in favour of YouTube, although I may be focusing more on videos rather than streaming, at least for the time being.

I’m very nearly at 100 subscribers on YouTube, I was overall pleased with my Grim Dawn playthrough, my first edited series on my channel, but I want to step it up and start more new series such as FTB Infinity, Morrowind, Oblivion, Fallout 4 and WoW. I’m also eagerly awaiting the release of Call of Saregnar, which I am itching to play and stream/record for my YouTube channel.

I’m currently editing my 100 subscriber special video, it will only be 3 or so minutes long, but it’s just me giving a little speech and thanking all my lovely subscribers. It was nice to get back into retail WoW and record after so many years away.

Oh, and I now have the community tab on YouTube! I can now post messages to my subscribers whenever I want, I was amazed because I thought you had to have 1000 subscribers to unlock it, that said I noticed another channel with 50ish subscribers and he had it, so I don’t know. But anyway, I am really happy!

Finally, I have this idea for a new long-term World of Warcraft series - basically levelling a paladin through each zone in every expansion. I’ll add it to the list of ideas! I also want to start a new FTB Infinity playthrough for 2023.