Random Thoughts - August 7th 2021: I've got a Kindle!

This week I treated myself (a rare occurence, I assure you) to a Kindle Oasis e-reader from Amazon. I’ve recently been wanting to read more so I thought buying a Kindle would be a great idea, as I have such little space for physical books in my current bedroom.

Kindle Oasis

I bought a bundle which came with the 8Gb Kindle (the 32Gb version is only really needed if you are downloading lots of audiobooks), a black leather case and a 9W adapter for charging it. I also ordered some screen protectors, but have decided not to use them.

Kindle Oasis

It was a tough decision between the cheaper PaperWhite and the Oasis, I eventually went with the latter with its slightly bigger (7”) screen, page turn buttons, metal body and backlight (sorry - ‘frontlight’!) warmth options. The Kindle also supports audio books with bluetooth headphone connectivity (but no headphone jack), GoodReads functionality is built in too.

I’ve signed up to GoodReads and am compiling a list of titles and series I’d like to read, I’m already into two books - ‘The Eye of the World’ (Wheel of Time book 1) by Robert Jordan and ‘The World of Warcraft Diary: A Journal of Computer Game Development’ by John Staats. I also have a Pinterest collection of titles I want to read. The Wheel of Time and other fantasy books are high on my list, but I’d also like to read the entire Robert Langdon series as well as several other non-fiction books.

I will be maintaining a reading to-do & rating list at https://chriselison.uk/reading

I have decided to quit World of Warcraft (again). I just couldn’t bear lying to myself any more, TBC Classic just wasn’t fun (I really don’t like Outland) and my retail activities basically just involved clearing Icecrown Citadel on eight characters in the vain hope of getting Invincible to drop every week.

World of Warcraft Classic TBC

So for now, no more WoW, and no, this has nothing to do with the drama at Blizzard involving harrassment and the shitty ‘frat-boy’ culture that existed at the company. I hope to return again some day, but the magic of WoW really has fizzled out. Not even Shadowlands has me wanting to play the game right now.

That’s about it, really. I have been considering undertaking a redesign of my website, but it’s been so long since I’ve coded any HTML or CSS I fear I’ve forgotten much of what I’ve learned. I have also been having the occasional quick game of Grim Dawn, I absolutely love that game. My latest character, a 2-handed Blade Arc Witchblade, is amazing and clears through content even better than my pierce blademaster. Speaking of Grim Dawn, I’ve also been trying to code a character savefile parser using C# and some code from community members marius00 and Odie.

GD Parser

Apart from that I’ve not been playing anything else. I have been having freezing issues with Windows 10 a month or so after an update, but subsequent updates later I have experienced no freezing, thankfully. I really don’t want to fork out for a new PC.

I’m off to do some more reading, now I think. At the doctor and hospital Monday, booo! But stopping off for McDonald’s afterwards, yay!