Negative Ion Quantum Pendants - Radioactive woo-woo for sale on eBay

After watching videos from DiodeGoneWild and the Thought Emporium, I became aware of these mysterious tourmaline ‘negative ion’ Quantum ‘anti-EMF’ pendants being sold on eBay that claim to help everything from joint pain to cancer, they also boast of being able to block electromagnetic radiation from the ‘electro smog’ of WiFi and 5G. They employ Japanese ‘scalar’ technology, so they must work, right?!

What the listings don’t tell you among the outrageous claims and pseudoscience is that these pendants are radioactive! Since I’m currently building my own Geiger counter, I just had to get straight on eBay and order one!

Tourmaline Quantum Pendant

Oooh, Japanese technology! The pendant cost £4.75 from ‘eclectic-shop-uk-ltd’ and arrived in a neat fold-out magnetic box, it came with an authenticity card and serial number confirming this was indeed a genuine quack product.

Tourmaline Quantum Pendant

Tourmaline Quantum Pendant

In a video by the Thought Emporium, the material was found to contain thorium, a radioactive and potentionally harmful powder that you don’t want to breathe in. Its half-life is 14 billion years.

I decided to test the pendant on my own home-made Geiger counter that’s capable of detecting beta and gamma radiation. The tube is an STS-5 made in the USSR from 1965.

As you can see and hear, the pendant is quite radioactive and probably emitting mostly beta particles from the thorium dioxide used in the material. I can’t imagine wearing this around your neck 24/7 would be good for you!

So, to sum up, yes these pendants being sold on eBay are radioactive and almost certainly contain thorium dioxide and therefore should not be worn at all. And no, they won’t cure your aches and pains and neither will they help block out the 5G deathrays. Probably safer to stick to wearing a hat made from aluminium foil.