Random Thoughts - July 22nd 2020: Playing lots of ARPGS!

Been in an ARPG mood lately, so I’ve been enjoying playing Diablo 3, Grim Dawn, Van Helsing and Wolcen.

I finally completed chapter 4 of my D3 season journey the other night thanks to a player called Kenshin and I got my full set of Might of the Earth armour for my barbarian. I’m playing seismic slam and absolutely owning the greater rifts, one-shotting everything, although I still need specific pieces of gear to complete my build.

Diablo 3 screenshot

I really wasn’t enjoying season 21 at the start, mostly due to the incredibly annoying season theme - Trials of the Tempests, a loud honking sound every two minutes followed by distracting and annoying graphical effects. Thankfully, Blizzard have responded to the community outcry and have disabled the sound effect thank god I can now actually enjoy the season! I was thinking of missing this season due to the free armour sets not being to my liking, my favourite barbarian specs are whirlwind and HOTA (Hammer of the Ancients), but I’m glad I did level my barb for S21, seismic slam seems really cool.

Diablo 3 screenshot

Up next I will try and complete the ‘Slayer’ chapter of the season journey and keep on pushing the greater rifts and try to complete my build gear.

In Wolcen I’ve managed to reach level 50 on my main ‘warrior’ 2H bladestorm character, I killed the act III boss, Heimloch and so far I’ve done a couple of rifts, or whatever they’re called, but I am very squishy and I think my build is complete trash anyway. I’ve been finding Wolcen annoying slow and unresponsive, for example I’m bladestorming and want to use Wings of Ishmir (an instant ability), I have to stop bladestorming first, ugh it’s so clunky and slow compared to D3, or maybe it’s just my build? I don’t know. The game needs work.

Wolcen screenshot

I’ve also been levelling my rogue dual-wielding character who is now into act II as well as my ‘tank’ who managed to get the achievement ‘Sink or Swim’ after completing the first act without dying. I’m also levelling a mage, a ranged archer/gunslinger and a warlock/summoner which so far has breezed through everything.

I’ve very recently gotten back into Grim Dawn again, and wow is it a good ARPG! In fact, it’s overtaken Wolcen as my most-played ARPG in my Steam library! I started off only playing a sword-and-board soldier/warlord, but I then wanted to level up a ‘rogue’ dual-wielding character, who is currently my highest level toon, but is now being destroyed by even normal mobs, again I think my build is screwed. I made the mistake of putting most of my points into cunning and offensive ability, whereas it’s much more important to put points into physique, defensive ability and resists.

Grim Dawn screenshot

Having gotten bored of being one-shot by elites, I decided to level up some new characters - a ranged demolitionist/pyromancer, a summoner/warlock/necromancer with pets who is pretty good and so far, my most successful character, a Dervish, a cross between a Nightblade and an Oathkeeper who is owning it up even in veteran difficulty! It really is amazing how many class combinations and builds there are in this game and I’m determined to beat the game with at least one of them! It just sucks that you’re punished by not being able to respec your classes or attributes!

I was contacted by an Instagram user called Paul Hoets who advised me on how to reliably and safely measure the voltage on my Geiger Muller tube using a simple high voltage probe. Apparently, just measuring the voltage on the output capacitor may result in a false reading due to the impedence of the multimeter.

High voltage Probe by Paul Hoets

In his posts, Paul Hoets explained how I could take an accurate reading by just using several high value resistors connected in series. I will need to pop on eBay and order some more 10M resistors to make the probe.

I’ll be starting the design of the Geiger counter PCB as soon as I’ve managed to make a working boost converter.