Remembering Jason Holden AKA Nucleus

During my time at North Trafford College (now just ‘Trafford College’) circa 2001/2002, I enrolled on an IT course where I met who would become two of my good friends - James Quick (aka ‘Dredwerk’) and Jason Holden (‘Nucleus’), sadly both died within a year or so of each other. I have tried searching for any mention of Jason on Google or information on the circumstances of his death, but my searches never yielded anything, it was almost as if he never existed. No memorials, news reports, forum posts… nothing.

Me and Jason both owned motorcycles and rode together (I had an Aprilia RS125, he had a moped), I believe his death may have been a result of a road traffic accident.

I hope for this small page to serve as a memorial to the short time I knew him, but also to appear on search results if people are searching for his name. I believe Jason came from either Walkden or Eccles in Salford, Greater Manchester. Jason worked at PC World on Chester Road, Stretford.

Jason Holden

Jason at McDonald's, Oxford Street, Manchester.

Jason Holden on Corporation Street, Manchester

Jason on Corporation Street, Manchester. We'd buy energy drinks from the health food shop in the Arndale and then roam around central Manchester.

Jason Holden with my H2K hat, Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester

Jason at Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester. He's waving my 'H2K' hat, I used to be big into the 'hacking' world and I read 2600 magazine.

Jason Holden pressing the big red button, Afflecks Palace, Manchester

Jason pressing the big red button outside Afflecks Palace, Church Street, Manchester. You would get squirted with water if you pressed the button.

Jason Holden with my friend Christian next to the Alan Turing statue, Manchester

Jason and Christian at the Alan Turing memorial, Sackville Gardens, Manchester. Alan is wearing my trademark '2600' cap.

Jason Holden with my friend Michelle next to the Alan Turing statue, Manchester

Jason and Michelle at the Alan Turing memorial, Sackville Gardens, Manchester.