Random thoughts - October 20th 2019

Just watching Camelwork’s latest epic, 2 hour long video ‘Falkreath - Skyrim - Curating Curious Curiosities’ and enjoying a cup of tea while installing Google Earth. Always amazed at the effort and time put into Camel’s Skyrim videos.

I wish it was possible to see past imagery for locations on Google Earth’s Streetview (you can view previous aerial imagery), the season and time of day can drastically alter the appearance and ‘feel’ of a location, it would be cool if when you saved a placemark in Google Earth, it would by default use the imagery that was current at the time. I find it sad that these snapshots in time are lost forever, never to be seen again.

I do love using Google Earth to explore the world and find places I’d like to live. I’ve been looking around the Netherlands a lot, it’s a country I’d really like to live and work in, it just seems the society, equality and living standards are so much better there than here in the UK. The people and society as a whole just seem to me to be healthier, happier and better-off.

I’ve been thinking of introducing a new regular feature on my website called something along the lines of ‘That’s nice that is’ or similar. Basically, I showcase a website or blog I like the look of or inspires me and identify elements I like. I could use it as inspiration for my website.

I’m resuming work on the CSS for Chriselison.uk, it’s somewhat messy at the moment, I’m going to clean-up and BEMify as much as I can. This reminds me of an add-on I had for Firefox, it was called ‘Dust Me Selectors’, and searched for unused CSS selectors in your stylesheets. I’m wondering if such a thing still exists for Chrome or Firefox, or as a standalone program, could come in handy for cleaning up my stylesheets.

I really want to settle on a solution for <code> blocks and inline code, I was considering using Prism, but wondering if I can just make do with Jekyll’s built-in code highlighting… not sure.

Old Elison.org.uk tutorials website

I’ve been thinking about my old programming/development tutorials website (it was never put online). I want to revive the idea, but I’m wondering whether it will work on a blog like this or whether I should make a dedicated site, either on its own subdomain or even its own proper domain. Given my track record with registering domains before abandoning a project, I’ll probably get a prototype up first then settle on a domain name.

My recent eBay orders for an IDE/SATA to USB 3.0 adapter and multi card reader have arrived. I’m looking forward to seeing what treasures I’ll find buried on my old hard drives and CompactFlash cards. Expect another nostalgia post soon!