Random thoughts - October 24th 2019: More old images & photos

As I mentioned in my previous post, ‘Random thoughts - October 16th 2019: Reminiscing with some old images’, I’ve been feeling rather nostalgic lately, and so I’ve decided to root out all my old backup hard drives, CDs and DVDs.

On them are thousands of files; images, screenshots, photos, chatroom logs, old websites and failed projects from as far back as 1998. I have uploaded many more of my old images and photos to my ‘Old Stuff archive’.

So, once again, here are some of the various images and photos I’ve managed to recover in no particular order:

Hellwrathian the paladin, Bronze Dragonflight

I levelled a human paladin called Hellwrathian on my friend's realm, Bronze Dragonflight in World of Warcraft. Here he is at level 85 during Hallow's End on a broomstick and with a pumpkin on his head. This character was the inspiration for levelling my other human paladin with the same name on Draenor EU, my main realm. I fondly remember my time on BDF and in the guild 'The Legends Dawn'.

SAS UT Sniper Server shut

I used to be a huge fan of Unreal Tournament and played on several servers, one of which was the SAS sniper server where camping and sniping was not just encouraged, but enforced! I had many good times on the server, but one day it came to an end with this image posted on their website. I eventually stopped playing UT and switched to Battlefield 2 where I would continue the sniping and camping.

Me in a hoodie, 2002

Me in a hoody taking a selfie, 2002ish. This was before smartphones and before I had a digital camera. Check out the snazzy jumper my Dad is wearing.


One of my several failed E-ventures, OutEveryNight.com was going to be a database and social site dedicated to Manchester pubs, clubs and bars. The site never got out of planning and the domain expired. I really liked the URL I managed to get for this project, shame I let it die.

Me in college

Hahahaha, look at the state of me, I look like Miriam Margolyes. Me in college, 2004ish.

Manchester Pillow Fight

Photo from the Manchester pillow fight, Albert Square, 2006.

Manchester Pillow Fight newspaper article

Newspaper article on the Manchester Pillow Fight that took place in Albert Square in 2006. I was there to take photos and video.

Cassini web server

The Cassini web server was a lovely little web server that would serve ASP.net websites. This little tool really helped while working on my ASP.net projects for college and was a great alternative to IIS. Superceded by ASP.net Web Matrix.

Gizmo the Yorkie

Our little Yorkie, Gizmo on the first day we brought her home.

Me on video

This sounds incredibly lame, but I recorded myself on video trying on different hoodies, jeans and hats. I guess I was trying to pull off an emo/skater sort of look. I miss having my hair as long as it was.

Me on video

Adio hoodie and chain. Check out that long hair.

Message from Fez

An urgent text message from Fez, someone I knew from the free2code.net #lobby IRC channel.

School photo, Moorlands Junior School

Class photo, year 6, Moorlands Junior School. I think our teacher was called Miss Wright. I'm front-left. I'm sat next to Paul Wragg, my best friend throughout reception and junior school.

View from the skylight

Having a loft bedroom with a skylight meant I got to capture lots of nice sunrises and sunsets. I miss it. The Pennine mountains can be seen in the far distance.

Kickass friend card from w8

I used to chat on an IRC server, one of the chatters, an American girl called 'w8' had a thing for me and she sent me this.

RtK's website

I convinced my good friend to setup his own website, I don't think it lasted very long. We used DynDNS and Apache to serve our websites from our home PCs.

Shell & Bisto in Leicester

Silver and Bisto practising their skateboard skills, Leicester 2002.

SMEG website by Dredwerk

My late friend James Quick, AKA Dredwerk, was a great artist and designed a website for our l33t hacker group. I loved his design, it was heavily inspired by the Matrix. You can still visit James' DeviantArt profile.

Me, Tom & Susan, awards evening, North Trafford College

Me, Tom Leather and our tutor/section head, Susan Bhatti at the HE awards evening, North Trafford College.

That’s it for now, I still have a couple of IDE hard drives to sort through, so who knows, maybe more nostalgia soon - good night! Make sure to follow me @ChrisElison on Twitter and Instagram.