Random thoughts - February 22nd 2018: Jimmy Eat World & WoW

The other day I was sorting through some old files for my ‘OldStuff’ archive and stumbled across a photograph I took of two concert tickets for Jimmy Eat World who were playing at the Manchester Academy on February 20th 2008, ten years ago exactly. I even tweeted about it (rare for me to tweet these days).

It’s a strange feeling… so much, yet so little in my life has changed since then. Interests and hobbies come and go, but I think I’ll always be a fan of Jimmy Eat World!

Jimmy Eat World tickets

Another strange coincidence, I decided to check in on the Blizzard Diablo 3 website and amazingly season 13 begins tomorrow (Friday February 23rd)! I have been considering getting back into Diablo after playing some Torchlight 1 & 2, and tomorrow would be a great time to start!

I’ve also been looking through some old WoW screenshots. I haven’t played at all since 2016. I feel bad that I haven’t yet played Legion, but I’m so afraid I’ll be disappointed and guildless. I believe my oldest WoW screenshots are hopefully intact and still on my old Mimas desktop PC in my attic room, but not long after starting WoW I moved to playing on my new Acer Aspire 5536 laptop, it was a huge performance boost, but I suffered a harddrive crash on the laptop, losing hundreds of WoW screenshots from some of my most important early moments in the game.

Still devastated about that after several years, I think I had screenshots with my guild (Knights of England) in the park district of Stormwind on the very last night before the Cataclysm update destroyed the area. I’ll always have the good memories of my time on Nagrand, Bronze Dragonflight and Draenor.

World of Warcraft human rogue in Ashenvale

On my first ever character, my human rogue on Nagrand EU. I must have been around level 20ish, riding on my mount in Ashenvale with terrible scrub gear.

Direly undergeared and with little knowledge of the game or how to play rogues, I stumbled through the levels until I somehow managed to hit level 55 on the island to the west of Feralas. From that moment on, I played a Death Knight until finally getting a clue about classes and stats.

World of Warcraft screenshot of Blood Elf

While levelling my human rogue, I’d often encounter random Horde members, usually attacking Goldshire. I was fascinated by the strange foreign races, particularly the mysterious and beautiful Blood Elves, so I decided to make my first ever Horde character, a Blood Elf mage called Alderley.

World of Warcraft human rogue riding in Mulgore

On my rogue, this time in Mulgore, home of the Tauren. I remember the night I first entered the zone. I had no idea where I was or what level the inhabitants were. I was amazed by how green and peaceful it was, despite being home to a major Horde City, Thunder Bluff. My image of the Horde was slowly changing. I think I bought that black horse in Menethil Harbour… or possibly Theramore.

World of Warcraft mage in Stormwind City

One of my characters, I presume a mage, possibly on Nagrand, not sure. But there he is in Stormwind wearing a Kirin Tor tabard and wizard hat. I really got into mages and levelled mages on several servers, both Alliance and Horde.

World of Warcraft human mage in Stonetalon Mountains

I remember getting a quest from Stormwind’s mage district which involved me having to go all the way to Stonetalon Mountains on my low-level, squishy human mage. I kind of miss and yet don’t miss those old pre-cata annoying quests.

I think I should do a lot more ‘looking back’ type blog posts with old stuff like this, it’s nice to remember the good old days of 2009 and 2010 on Nagrand. I’ve also luckily managed to find my Cataclysm beta screenshots which are in my OldStuff archive.