Getting the old Chrome bookmark manager back

Edit: As of Chrome version 70, this solution no longer works, we’re now stuck with the Material Design manager! Shame on you Google!

A recent update to Chrome on Windows 10 (Version 63.0.3239.8 as of writing) seems to have disabled the old, but reliable bookmark manager with an awful (in my opinion) ‘Material Design’-based manager.

New Chrome bookmark manager

Luckily, you can still get the old manager back quite easily!

Navigate to chrome://flags in your Chrome browser and type ‘bookmarks’ in the search bar.

Changing the bookmark manager

The option ‘Enable Material Design Bookmarks’ should appear in the list. Change the value in the dropdown box to ‘Disabled’ and then restart your browser.

The old Chrome bookmark manager

You should now have the old, familiar bookmarks manager back in action!