Random thoughts - September 26th 2017

Work on ChrisElison.uk has paused recently due to the ever-present imposter syndrome taking over, as well as some real life issues, but I hope to get my motivation back and continue building this site. It’s scary having such a frank and open blog, but I really feel the need to have some kind of presence on the web, it doesn’t help that I constantly find fault in everything I’ve done and go from one minute loving something (the design or coding) to the next wanting to delete it all and start from scratch.

I’ve been playing a lot of Fallout 4 and New Vegas lately, an amusing little random event happened while patrolling the ruins of Cambridge with Paladin Danse. A mysterious figure approached and introduced himself as none other than Preston Garvey(!) who was, at least to my knowledge, back in Sanctuary Hills, my main base of operations.

Preston Garvey impersonator

This obvious imposter demanded 100 caps to help support the Commonwealth Minutemen, needless to say I saw straight through his ploy and he was quickly dispatched - wasteland justice! Anyway, a nice little touch I thought, never seen that happen in 200 hours of playing, just makes me love Fallout 4 even more, despite the hordes of players who swear it’s the worst ever Fallout game (including the 2D ones!).

Speaking of Fallout, I’ve been re-watching the Yogscast’s short series of Hannah’s playthrough of Fallout: New Vegas from what I think of as the ‘Golden Age’ of the Yogscast; just Lewis, Simon and Hannah with perhaps the occasional appearance from Sjin, Sips or Duncan.

I know I’m clouded with nostalgia for the old Yogscast, I just miss the videos from when they all lived together, played World of Warcraft and made funny, sweary, relaxed videos free from annoying, empty memes, screaming, obscure American TV show references and feigned enthusiasm. Oh, and the cringey paid promotions.