Random thoughts - April 11th 2016

I have recently been watching videos by Big Clive (BigCliveDotCom on YouTube), he is a professional and highly experienced electrician by trade with a wonderful Scottish accent and an enyclopaedic knowledge of electronics. I was reminded of the 200-in-one electronics kit I had, wonder if I still have it. I’m seriously interested in getting either a Raspberry Pi or an Arduino, I really am intrigued in the whole PC-on-a-board thing, as well as programming them and possibly interfacing with circuits/sensors, etc. I need a lab/workshop, upstairs seems the ideal candidate, currently it has been unoccupied since 2010, I’m afraid to go up there, but I would love to tidy the place up, get a nice new chair and convert the attic to a tech & computing lab/man cave!

Oddly, there have been two Snow White films on yesterday and the day before. The first, ‘Mirror, Mirror’ with the gorgeously beautiful Lily Collins, a surprisingly enjoyable, atmospheric, but also light-hearted fairy tale that kept me hooked, although I think having Lily Collins as the lead role was partly to blame. Secondly, ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ was on yesterday, a much darker, moodier adaptation of the classic fairytale with Kristen Stewart taking the role of Snow White, who in stark contrast to the demure, Hepburn-like Lily Collins character, really fits the moody, dark setting and quite frankly seems to get sexier the moodier she is.