Crash Landing and procrastination

I have been spending much of my time playing Crash Landing for the past couple of weeks. The save I’m currently playing is the original I started way back in 2014, but I had an entire year off from Crash Landing during all of 2015 to play World of Warcraft. It’s good to be back, though, it is an amazing, but short HQM modpack, and as a fan of Agrarian Skies, a perfect follow-up for those wanting more of a challenge.

Despite annoying graphical glitches and occassional FPS stutters, I have progressed well, I now have a Pneumaticraft pressure chamber, a rudimentary water-generation system, a pulverizer, auto-sifter and a rudimentary mob-grinder system. One problem I have encountered is how to acquire melons or melon seeds for making potions, I really don’t want to cheat any in at this lateish stage in the questing.

I’m considering trying to revive my motivation and set myself a modest goal for this year (in addition to keeping up the work on - making two or three single-page example mocked-up websites to the best of my ability for differently themed sectors/uses. Two ideas for mock-ups or speculative designs I’ve had for a while are an estate agent and car sales website, I’d like to design a blog/photography page, and maybe an industrial/business site. Of course, each design should be responsive, lightweight and must look good - nice typography, contrasting text, attractive background images/colours and suitable typography.

With my recent attempt at writing a basic grid system based on Chris Coyier’s ‘Don’t over think grids’, I like to think I am significantly more confident at being able to make a good-looking HTML 5/CSS 3 page than I was prior. With some knowledge of grids, a teensy bit about colour schemes, a little on BEM, a bit about media queries and a good deal about typography, I should be able to come up with something!