Learning web dev with Codecademy

Yesterday I decided to give Codecademy.com a whirl after seeing someone on Twitter mention it. I am so glad I did. I admit, I am guilty of being rather… make that incredibly stubborn and apathetic when it comes to brushing up on my key skills, especially when it comes to HTML, CSS, and PHP. I have decided to adopt a new attitude of nothing being too trivial or basic to revise or practice.

The website provides short (as in a few hours) courses in HTML/CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python and Ruby. I started with the HTML/CSS course which slowly took me through the basics; headings, paragraphs, links, images etc until I got to stuff I really was interested in going over - floats and positioning. I now think I have a better understanding of the things I was unsure about and am more confident that I can apply that knowledge into a half-decent looking website!

I highly recommend anyone wishing to start learning HTML, CSS, PHP or JavaScript to sign up as soon as possible and get coding with Codecademy, the lessons are very straightforward and the tasks clear. Best of all, it’s free (or is for the most part as of writing). I just wish I had this sort of thing when I started learning HTML back in the late 90s.