Garbled fonts in Firefox/Windows 7 strikes again

Last night my Mozilla Firefox automatically updated to the latest version (28.0). This morning after logging on to check my tweets, I was shocked to see that a problem with garbled fonts had reared its ugly head once again, a problem I thought I had solved back in June of last year after an IE10 update had bizarrely been the culprit.

An example of the font artifact/garbling issue in Firefox.

At the time, I had managed to remedy the problem by opening the Firefox config at the URL about:config and searching for the string azure, I then changed the value of to false.

I’m pretty angry and anxious at the moment, Firefox is my primary browser of choice, Twitter doesn’t seem to have anything about the problem and the latest posts on the Mozilla forums about this are from 2013.

Update: It appears disabling hardware acceleration in the options menu has solved the problem with garbled fonts. I don’t know if this is an ideal fix and if it will have any performance issues, but for now it seems to have done the trick.