Jekyll: The answer to my blogging conundrum?

Hello, all this is an exciting new period in my web development and blogging life - I have discovered Jekyll! At first, I aimed to create a fully-bespoke blog, front and backend, I eventually realised this would mean a lot of needless work and potentially exposing my site to possible bugs, or worse - security exploits due to my inexperience in PHP.

I soon came round to the idea of using WordPress as a backend for my blog, while still having the freedom to code a fully-bespoke frontend in HTML5 and PHP, entirely how I wanted it without having to use or buy a 3rd party theme. I had my reservations, still. I was concerned about security and was beginning to think with WordPress I was trying to use a sledgehammer to crack a nut. All I wanted was a simple blog and article system and an about page. Static content, maybe there is a better way.

And so, now I have discovered Jekyll. I’m very new to it still, and I have some reservations I need to clarify (especially concerning listing articles by category or tag and searching), but a Jekyll-powered (or should I say “rendered”) site looks like a possibility after all this time.

So what is it?

From what I can tell, Jekyll isn’t a server-side language like PHP or ASP, but is a static page generator, it parses