Recovering from the crash, blurry Firefox fonts

Exactly a week since the hard drive crash, I think, I remember watching this programme on Channel 5 about Gibraltar and then ‘The Call Centre’ on BBC Three, which I have been quite enjoying if I’m honest. That said, the thought of working in a place like that leaves me with a cold feeling of dread, although I’m sure it’s not that bad, it’s probably quite a luagh. I particularly hate what they do, the cold calls, I mean, as well as how they pretend to be from actual companies and not a call centre, that seems really dishonest and misleading to me.

I am still not back to normal business, yet. As soon as I reinstall a legit copy of Windows, have made a rescue disc and reinstalled all my necessary drivers and programs, then I’ll be happy. I also still need to attempt to retrieve data from my old hard drive using the USB caddy I have. I have taken advice from YouTube and have attempted to free the head from the spindle using the flicking technique, (assuming I have a seized drive) whether or not this has worked remains to be seen, I need to get the right cables for it and am kind of dreading turning it on, there is a little glimmer of hope that I’ll be able to get all my data back, but at the moment it seems unlikely.

Last night while playing in the Twilight Forest on my Yogcraft/Feed the Beast world my laptop became very slow and laggy, it turns out, as I thought correctly to be Windows update (it was 3 in the morning), Windows had decided yet again to install updates I had postponed, and last night’s included Internet Explorer 10 (I haven’t used an IE browser in over 10 years and never will). The update eventually installed after a restart and I thought everything was fine, until I loaded up Firefox and a lot of the text on websites appeared garbled, annoyed, I began to think what it could have been, no it wasn’t my laptop overheating from the extended foray into the Twilight Forest, it was in fact the IE10 update screwing with the text rendering on Firefox somehow.

After a little investigation I have found the problem of garbled text in Firefox after installing IE10 on Windows 7 can be remedied (or at least, in my case) by typing ‘about:config’ into the URL address bar of Firefox and typing ‘azure’ into the search box. Then, simply double click the line reading ‘’, this will change the value to ‘false’. Restarting Firefox I found the garbled text had gone away with no noticeable impact on performance or appearance of the browser. Sorted.

If this doesn’t work, another solution is to apparently disable hardware acceleration in Firefox options.

Why the IE10 update did this, I do not know, and it annoys me that it happened in the first place and even more so that the Mozilla debuggers don’t know why either.