Back in business!

Good news, I am now running an activated copy of Windows! No more worrying about the 30 day deadline (I did know about the rearm feature, though). I have also been doing some spring cleaning on my much-neglected hosting account including deleting old MySQL databases and E-Mail accounts from long-abandoned projects and side-line work, it’s all gone, all the 100s of unread and unanswered E-Mails from my breakdown period deleted, gone, into the abyss. Feels good, bro.

So, yeah, hosting account now just with one E-Mail account and just one database (this site), nothing to distract me now, so I can get down to seriously developing this website.

Good to see another YouTube user (Ruck2) uploading old Ricky Gervais XFM shows, I rely on these to keep me going, they’ve really helped me and are great to listen to while playing WoW, although I haven’t played WoW for some months now and I wonder if I’m going to get the itch to go back soon, perhaps starting from scratch again, I love levelling new characters. But no, I promised myself only to renew my WoW subscription when I got a job (or signed on). One in ten and all that.

Think my days with Psychos are behind me, regardless, would like to concentrate on playing Horde more if I do go back. Not that I really want to, I want my life to change significantly, no longer needing WoW to keep me happy.

From now on I’m backing up stuff as needed, my Minecraft worlds are now getting archived nightly, thanks to Google Drive, speaking of which my Yogcraft/FTB world is going well, got a lava pump supplying my base with energy thanks to the liquid tesseract and magmatic engines. I’ve also been to the nether to find a nether fortress to get nether bricks and blaze rods to make a blast furnace to make steel to make steel plates to make a feeder so my cows and chickens can feed and breed automatically. Phew, this Minecraft business is hard work.