Flickr goes F2P?!

I love Flickr. On a whim I decided to check in on my dormant and somewhat… no, make that very neglected Flickr account, the latest photos are from 2007 if you want to know how dormant, anyway, Flickr now seems to have gone ‘F2P’ as it were in gaming terms, about time too, I say! And wow, they’re saying each account gets 1TB (Terabyte!) of storage, a terabyte free… does anyone need that much space?! Anyway, I have 839 photos and am currently using 0.028% of my allocation. This has really renewed my interest in photography (I mainly take photos in and around Greater Manchester and Cheshire), I did once have a Flickr pro account, but having to pay just to have more than 200 photos available to view at any time seemed pretty lame as I could have hosted my images elsewhere for free, I also lost interest in taking photos in general so having that pro account just wasn’t worth it. Time to get myself a new camera and start taking photos again, as I’ve mentioned before, should any of my photos take your fancy for use online or in print, feel free to use them, all I ask is you credit me by name and ideally include a link to my website ( where possible.

Check out my Flickr photostream at

I have my new TV, it’s a Technika, it’s got a DVD player built in and it works, it’s absolutely silent. I’m happy.

I’ve been playing a lot of Tekkit recently, but I’ve also had the urge to start playing the Yogcraft/Feed The Beast modpack for Minecraft (especially after watching Nilesy’s videos), the Thaumcraft (alchemy, magic, etc) aspect really appeals to me as well as the general vastness of the modpack, it has so much to do. Unfortunately, after preliminary testing, it appears Yogcraft/FTB is just too much for my sluggish laptop to handle, so it looks like for now at least I’ll be playing just Tekkit and Voltz.