Feel free to use my Flickr photos

I often check BuzzFeed when procrastinating from more productive stufff and today I saw a post entitled ‘29 Signs You Grew Up In Manchester In The ’90s’ and was pleasantly surprised to see one of my photos (the one of Affleck’s Palace) featured in the article, it’s not the first photo of mine to be used in an article, I think at least two others have.

Anyway, this has perked me up quite considerably and now I feel I should renew my Flickr Pro account and clean up my photo tags and licences. I want all my photos to be usable by anyone online or in print, all I ask is that a credit is given, either my full name (Christopher Elison or Christopher David Elison) or ideally my name and a link to either the Flickr page for the photo, my Flickr photostream or to my website (chriselison.uk).

If you’ve used one of my photos in print or online I’d love to see it, feel free to contact me via Email, my website, Twitter, etc.

I know I’m not a great photographer, and to be honest I know nothing about (or necessarily care) exposures, shutter speeds, white balancing, etc, but I do know I love taking photos of stuff, especially of it’s beautiful or historic and even better if other people want to view or even use them in their own work.

In other news, and still related to getting my shit back together, I have been watching some superb videos by Chris Coyier from CSS Tricks and am coming round to the idea of using WordPress as the basis for my website, I stuck my nose up at WordPress for some time, but have come round to realising just how powerful it is and how I can achieve exactly what I want still using my own design and HTML/CSS coding but knowing the secure and reliable WP blog engine lies under the hood. Reinventing the wheel while seeming like fun, in the long run I don’t think it’s worth it, why code a blog engine and shoddy back-end when I can use what’s already freely available.

In WoW news, my paladin is now level 90, dived straight into heroic 5-mans and feeling so much more confident playing him than I did my rogue.