Random thoughts - March 25th 2013

I spend a lot of time using Google Earth and recently my client has updated to a new version (7), unfortunately this new version seems very laggy and is using more of my CPU than usual, it’s at times unbearably slow, the streetview imagery taking a long time to load, sometimes leaving the screen with large black sections of unrendered image.

I hope Google sort this out soon.

In other news, my paladin is now level 88, my warrior 85 and my priest 60. My guild appears to be drifting apart, but I’m not letting it get me down. WoW for me will always primarily be for chilling out and enjoying levelling alts, I have no intention of getting bogged down with sentimentality or guild politics. That said, I do feel for the nice members of the guild I’ve got to know over the months I’ve been on Draenor, I hope they find a more sociable guild to call home.

I’m looking forward to revamping the development version of my website, I will try and implement a basic, responsive and clean design and incorporate it with the Wordpress backend.