Random thoughts - February 18th 2013

Very tired, but probably won’t sleep yet. Listening to Episode 3 of the Ricky Gervais XFM show, series 2. Great to see ‘RickyGervaisShowXFM’ uploading the shows to YouTube now, I really appreciate the uploads from everyone who has uploaded the XFM shows, including BarneyBrabazon and FullXFM. Shame RandyAnders deleted their account/were suspended, the guy was a legend. For the past couple of weeks I have been listening to XFM shows in bed at night while in a semi-zombied state with my hot lemon drink and a tramadol, I just love the banter between Ricky, Steve and Karl and especially the quick-witted and often self-deprecating replies from Stephen Merchant, I love the guy probably the most out of the three of them.

I still want to try and be someone and get out there in the world, for now I’m playing World of Warcraft, grateful for having found such a great bunch of guildmates. Recently I made a Blood Elf paladin tank and have begun levelling him up. My rogue is going well, I am now dual wielding the epic Gara’Kal fist weapons thanks to my second run through MSV, not ideal, as I should really have a dagger in my off-hand, but I am yet to loot one. Speaking of which I have looted very little useful to my rogue from running random 5-mans, off the top of my head I had looted the chest from one of the Scarlet dungeons and the legs from Gate of the Setting Sun.

So yeah, my aspirations for now are to get all my WoW characters to level 90. My mage will probably be my second, followed by my paladin and then hunter, with my warrior probably coming next. As always, my Alliance toons take priority.

Also still having lots of fun with Tekkit. I have finished the carbon plate factory of my compound and added an antenna to my power station to transmit power to anywhere in my world (inspired by Sips and Sjin’s hydro facility), especially useful for powering quarries instead of teleporting lava to a geothermal generator and then to an energy link on-site as I am doing (rather inelegantly) at the moment.