Random (depressed) thoughts - January 10th 2013

I gave it a try, but I admit defeat, I’m just not cut out to be a freelance creative. The idea of working for myself and earning lots while doing it really appealed to me, but I had to face reality; I lack any real creative talent, I have no idea of what ‘looks good’, I’m useless at design, my knowledge of typography and colour scheming is atrocious and most of all I just don’t have it in me. Having to deal with people is my real downfall, so many E-mails bouncing back and forth, unsatisfied, technically illiterate and indecisive clients, enough!

I also dislike the general air of bitchiness and elitism among ‘creative’ and designer types, especially on Twitter, Jesus Christ, there are some utter cunts on Twitter, I’ve unfollowed most of them, no more polluting my screen (you know the ones; Apple Mac user with the inability to do anything on a Windows machine, likes black and white or tilt-shift photography, Instagram, ironic use of popular computer game characters, whines when someone else happens to have their [name of service here] username, cutting-edge responsive web design zealot, etc).

I’m going to finish the current web projects I have, but I will no longer pursue a career in freelancing, I’m going to get a proper job and just try and enjoy what little life I have left.

So with that said, I’m going to make a hot lemony drink and think about my return to real life, ironically perhaps starting off with my re-subscribing to World of Warcraft, u mad? :)