Random thoughts - November 27th 2012

I have been putting it off for too long, but I believe now is as good a time as any to start getting to grips with Git and the whole concept of VCS (Version Control Systems). Being primarily a lone-wolf (and amateur) developer I never really had the need to maintain such an approach to organising my source code, but I am well aware that knowledge and experience of using a VCS such as Git (or Subversion) is now an essential requirement for anyone hoping to get a job in a professional software or web development environment where the need for such a system becomes very apparent.

Come to think of it, I really wish I learned this kind of stuff in college or university, it would have been nice to have been on a course that prepared me for employment with actual relevant skills rather than having to study such nonsense as Pascal, Microprocessor programming, Microsoft Office development or HCI. Oh well.

As for web development, I am also continuing my commitment to keeping ‘ahead of the curve’ (ugh, I hate that term, sorry, scratch that). What I mean to say is I intend to stay as knowledgeable as I can about current web technologies, and Sass seems to be one of the must-have skills for today’s HTML5/CSS3 web developers. Lots of reading and learning ahead.

Work on OutEveryNight.com continues, I’ve been slacking with it lately, but my confidence has been restored and I’m more enthusiastic than ever to get it up and running!

Right, I have a headache, time to catch up with the latest Rail Bros video then back to work, good night!