Carr: 'When's the database assignment in, chief?' Chivers: 'I don't care'

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Not a bad day today. Waited around a while outside 259, Chris Marney arrived and we chatted. Soon Carr and RtK arrived. When Susan finally got the door open, I decided to sit further down the class so I could get the opportunity to get some work done, I managed to get a bit more done on the database. Daniel Heathcote came in this Friday too, he said he’s going to Jilly’s tonight too, what a guy.

Tom taking a photo of Chris Marney

Tom photographs Chris Marney with his fancy Samsung phone.

At break, Carr, RtK and I walked up to the HSBC bank and when we got back went to the refectory to sit with Dave and Dan. They chatted about Quake 3 and Half-Life 2 for a bit and we then went up to class in room 263.

What little computers work in there, few of them actually have mice attached to them. Luckily, Carr was kind enough to break the cable tie on one system holding the mouse cable and brought the mouse over. I sat next to Tom, he was quite strange during lecture, but that’s just Tom. Carr insisted on playing Tomb Raider on my phone, so I didn’t manage to get much done in that lesson.

At lunch, me, Carr, RtK and Daniel walked up to the quadrant for burgers and chips. I had a pint of Foster’s with it and a double Southern Comfort post-prandial. Carr had a single Southern Comfort. In last lesson I sat at the back of room 249(?) and opened the windows wide and pulled down the blinds. It has been a very nice day today.