I saw the Deputy Prime Minister today

Thu, 21 Apr 2005 22:37:00 - This post was originally on hellwrath.ubersource.net.

On the way to college this morning I saw a coach with a Union Flag design on the back being escorted by two police cars and a police MPV heading either north or south (I can’t quite remember) up or down Talbot Road. I didn’t think anything of it. Just now, I have seen a news item about Tony Blair in Rochdale, could it have been him on his way to or from Rochdale, or maybe just his entourage?.. or maybe just a coach-load of other people important enough to have a police escort.

Today, Martin gave us a sheet with the outline of what he wants us to do for our Visual Programming assignment. It isn’t an actual assignment brief and we haven’t had a deadline set. Martin said he’d prefer us to use ASP.net for our VP assignment instead of Visual Basic, that’s fine with me, I just have to read up on it, particularly interacting with Access databases. At the moment, getting the database assignment done is top priority, luckily neither Susan nor John Horrocks have yet issued their next assignments.

Steven was being an annoying bastard all lesson, Martin’s next assignment requires us to work alone, not in groups like the web design assignment. Since he did hardly anything on the previous, he’s going to have major problems with this one, he doesn’t seem to realise this. Friday tomorrow, oh I got another message from Rob, he said he’s free on weekends, unfortunately RtK and I are only free on Mondays and Tuesdays, we’ll sort something out, and hopefully meet up and reminisce.

Can’t be bothered doing anything tonight, I’ll probably go and play Counterstrike or something. I’m quite possibly the greatest CS player ever, you know.

John Prescott driving a bus

Major update It may possibly have been this chap who was being driven down Talbot Road in his ‘battlebus’. Take a look at the Labour Party website for information on the ex-deputy Prime Minister’s (Parliament is hung, plus Michael Ancram will probably have his job in 2 weeks) tour of England.