I've got a safe

Sun, 03 Apr 2005 15:03:00 - This post was originally on hellwrath.ubersource.net.

Can’t believe it, I’m 22 in 12 days. I bought a safe recently, it has an electronic keypad and LCD display. It also has a backup power supply and comes with keys to open it in case both the batteries and backup fail. Expect photos of my safe in the images section when I can be bothered taking them.

My upgraded Gmail inbox

My Gmail inbox capacity has been more than doubled recently.

I was watching ‘World Business Report’ on BBC News 24 and saw a bit about Google increasing it’s Gmail users’ inbox capacities to 2000MB, wondering if I had been upgraded, I logged in and sure enough I was using 31MB of 2000MB, but strangly, every so often the capacity increases, up to now, it’s 2053MB. Lately I’ve been playing with a rather good flight simulator called X-Plane, you can see ingame screenshots in /images/X-Plane/. I don’t actually have a joystick, so at the moment I have to fly with the keyboard and mouse. I’m back at college this week, so I’ve got some work on the OSI layer 2 to get done and a database with queries and forms to make. I am hoping on going out tomorrow, but my Firefox weather extension is hinting I probably won’t now:

Monday’s weather forecast Tomorrow’s forecast isn’t looking good.

I was bored, so I decided to see if the Italian Death Metal band, ‘Hellwrath’ was any good, I am currently listening to an .mp3 from their site entitled ‘Hellwrath’. Their songs aren’t actually that bad.. well that is until the guy starts sing… well, screeching. Arch Enemy, they are not. See for yourself at http://www.hellwrath.com/.